Fourneau Bread Oven cooks bread at home, saves dough at bakery

Despite the current war on bread, most people eat bread every single day. Unfortunately, this gluten-infested treat is slightly complicated to make. Those with bread makers may take the plunge, but everyone else usually opts to visit the bakery instead.

Now, the Fourneau Bread Oven lets timid bread-lovers make their own. This little metal hatch goes straight into the oven. When preheating is done, stick the loaf into Fourneau and close the door. The Fourneau Bread Oven provides the type of tight steamy space the loaf needs to bake without any hassle. The folks at Fourneau also offer a peel (otherwise known as that giant wooden spatula bakers use) and a book of bread recipes.

There are plenty of DIY methods out there to designed to cook bread at home without a bread machine, but they’re all fairly makeshift. Fourneau is a good option for those looking for an easier alternative. The device appears to only cook baguette-type bread, which may limit its appeal going forward. Still, backers who would like one can donate $195 for delivery in August 2015. Fourneau is hoping to raise $90,000 on Kickstarter by April 7.

Connected Objects Cooking

Ricewise is the connected rice cooker of your sushi-making dreams

Most everyone can agree that there’s really nothing like a freshly cooked, warm bowl of rice. Unfortunately, with our lives as rushed as they are, we sometimes can’t find the time to clean and cook the rice, leaving us to confide in the powers of a rice cooker. A staple in many kitchens for over 50 years, rice cookers are always useful, but haven’t really caught up to our modern age quite yet.

Enter Ricewise, the connected rice cooker you send a text to. You don’t send it to have a chat, though: a text message starts the process of cooking rice stored in its three kilogram chamber. With the capacity to also hold five liters of water, Ricewise can cook rice for up to 18 people without having to add anything else, leaving you to worry about everything else. If it is low on either rice or water, it will also remind you to refill it too. Interested backers will have to possibly consider charging for meals: the Ricewise’s campaign price is $492, saving $457 off the final retail price. If enough people can stomach that price without seeing a prototype, the company’s $25,000 goal should be piece of rice cake.

Camping Cooking

Ace 1 biomass stove makes the world your kitchen

The Premise. It’s nice to be able to cook a meal on the grill or in the great outdoors when on a camping trip. But finding material to make a campfire can be a hassle and leave you smelling like smoke. So what might a modern option look like for those who enjoy camping but detest the hassle that can come with mealtime?

The Product. Ace 1 takes the old Bunsen burner idea and gives it an eco-friendly twist. The ten pound cooking stove uses both bio mass and solar energy, so it burns cleaner to the point of eliminating smoke. Another nice feature is its speakers that provide dinner music for added ambience. And later on, campers won’t be left in the dark with the included solar chargeable LED light with built-in battery. The light will certainly come in handy for when the spooky stories get the kids freaked out. A USB and DC port are also built in to this cooking tool for those who just can’t stand being separated from their gadgets.

The Pitch. This particular cooking stove not only has campers in mind, but also those in developing countries. The initial focus appears to have been a simple but safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly cooking gadget that expanded its reach to the less fortunate. The €50,000 campaign also boasts of offering a product that can provide some great control over how much heat is being put out for cooking purposes.

The Perks. Backers may choose from quite a few tiers to offer their support for the development of this product, with an early bird option of €159 for one product. For an extra €10, backers may choose from their favorite of six color options. Expected delivery is January 2015.

The Potential. If one prefers cooking over a Bunsen burner type gadget to grilling their food, then this product will likely be useful. The fact that it takes nearly any size pot means that backers would be able to cook for fairly large groups when camping. There is no replacement for the savory taste that comes with grilling or roasting over an open flame, but this product does have some nice conveniences that are likely to delight campers and it would make for a nice addition to camping gear. Other camping stove campaigns backers may want to check out include The Sun Juicer, Charby, and Campfire in a Can.


A ravioli rolling pin helps those Fonde of pasta productivity

FondeRavioli is a time-honored form of pasta, but one of the most trickyto make. Forming each individual ravioli can take up lots of time. The Fonde rolling pin is designed to make ravioli-making easier. It’s a wooden rolling pin with square slots. When the pasta and cheese are rolled over with Fonde, they form perfect raviolis. One Fonde will cost backers $75 for a 6” pin. While a bit costly for a food device, pasta aficionados will certainly appreciate the amount of time saved by this product. Fonde hopes to raise $1,000 in its month-long Kickstarter campaign.