GoBoat floats your body in nearly any body of water

Fishing: one of the many great American past times. Still, even if actually being out on the lake has the potential to be a soothing, meditative experience, all the set up to transport both the boat and the equipment necessary can be a hassle.

Inventor Dave Yonce wants to help with the boat part of the problem with his GoBoat, an untraportable inflatable boat that can be stored in the back of pretty much any car, quickly assembled, and rapidly inflated on the spot with the included high-velocity hand pump. Its construction — a foldable center portion surrounded by a thick rubber inflatable tube — allows it still be a durable vessel and retain portability and a light weight at just 15 lbs.

What’s most attractive about the GoBoat is the fact that no boat ramps, docks, or launching from shore is necessary — not to mention the fact that it works with most trolling motors, too. The GoBoat goes for $249 and is expected to ship September 2016 should its Kickstarter campaign raise $338,000 by June 2nd.

Simple construction, quiet operation, and the elimination of all the biggest hassles common for most boat owners make the GoBoat a solid, inexpensive purchase for anyone but avid fisherman most of all. It makes the idea of heading out to the middle of the lake for a few hours something that can be done much faster. If only if there were a slightly larger, maybe even modular version for more than one person that retains the portability, the GoBoat might appeal to even more people.

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