Goumba safety flag alerts boaters to divers, makes a splash in the ocean

Scuba diving is a fun sport filled with wonderment and excitement. However, the proper safety measures must be taken in order to avoid accident. The same goes for boating. When shirking safety responsibilities, people can get hurt.

When divers go underwater, there’s no telling where they may pop up again. That’s why divers use a safety flag. According to the campaign, these flags are abysmal and need an update. That’s why Goumba was created. Goumba is a dive flag or cube with four reflective sides and a light to indicate to boaters that divers lurk beneath the surface.

In addition, Goumba offers boat flags as well. These flags indicate when there is a diver underneath the water from that boat. This product uses a wind turbine so that the flag spins around, but its message is always visible. For either the in-water or on-boat flag, backers will need to donate $129 for delivery in April 2015. Goumba hopes to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.

With a fun name and innovative design, Goumba will definitely find success with divers and boaters alike. It’s not the coolest product out there, but those who spend a lot of time in the water will appreciate the peace of mind it brings.