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Bikelops iPhone mount for the bike shows you the way, brightens up your night ride

The bicycle is one of the best ways to travel, but without any kind of light at night it can be pretty dangerous to get home safely. Although bike lights do exist, they may stop working because of a dead battery, leaving riders stuck or in potential danger.

Luckily, most people carry around a light with them at all times in the form of their smartphones. However, the weak LED usually found is great for photos, but not so great for brightening up the road. The Bikelops iPhone mount makes it so that any an iPhone can be securely fasted to the handlebars of the ride while offering an aluminum reflector that focuses the usually wide, diffused light from the LED into a more focused beam. Riders will never be out of juice with something like this. The $20 product is expected to ship in February 2015 provided it raises the required $10,000 through its campaign.

The Bikelops is a promising mount for iPhones that allows not only lights, but all the rest of the features of the phone to be easily accessible as well. It’s doubtful many would want their iPhone subject to possible damage, though, when sleek products like the smart Augur Wolf Lights can be far more superior in the long run.