Gekkopod mount wraps around anything to capture your mounting vanity

With smartphones and cameras allowing us to take more photos than ever, the latest goal seems to be getting a unique angle to capture a selfie or point of view. But the wide range of surfaces in the world make that a challenge, particularly for a portable mount..

patent-claimedGekkopod is a wraparound flexible camera mount that will work with any camera or smartphone, even a GoPro camera. It’s a more minimalist, flexible take on Joby’s Gorillapod camera tripod but with two extra legs to secure it. The design of the new product was based in a lizard’s hand –-hence the allusion to a gecko in its name. Gekkopod is made of 80 percent food grade silicon and 20 percent metal, so it can be bent easily to any shape and will stay in that form.