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Sybrillo brings smarts, stability to GoPro

The small size of the GoPro has made it the perfect video camera to use for capturing action sports and other fast-moving activities. But its tiny size also makes it somewhat difficult to hold the camera steady and control it to perform professional-type actions including panning and tilting.

Sybrillo is a versatile, waterproof GoPro mount that makes it easier for users of the action camera to program it to pan, tilt and perform other functions typical of pro video cameras. Its gimbal provides the GoPro with gyroscopic stability. A Sybrillo app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets enables users to control the camera remotely via Bluetooth. Sybrillo also provides recording capabilities for virtual reality (VR). Users can put their smartphone in a VR headset or Google cardboard and Sybrillo will follow the user’s every move.


Duo Mount lets you GoPro using multiple angles at once.

The popularity of GoPro has led to the development of a growing number of accessories specifically designed for that action camera, including the GoBall handle.

Duo Mountpatent-claimed is a mount for GoPro Hero cameras that enables users of those action cams to mount one or two cameras at the same time, creating the ability to capture two different angles at once. There are vertical and horizontal mounting holes, allowing it to be bolted in any direction, on the left or right, front or back and bottom or top. It works with all generations of GoPro Hero cameras, including the new Hero4 Session, according to its Kickstarter campaign.

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CAMpanion lets you mount your smartphone screen right behind the GoPro

The small size of the GoPro camera makes it perfect for shooting extreme sports activity. But its diminutive size also can make it difficult to use for shooting everyday subjects and activity where a steady hand is required.

The CAMpanion is a solution to that issue, offering a new mounting system enabling all GoPro models to be attached to any smartphone or tablet. In addition to making sure that every shot is perfectly framed, the mounting system also makes it more comfortable for the user to shoot. Attaching the GoPro to a smartphone or tablet also adds features including lighting via the mobile device’s flashlight app. The accessory holds promise, offering a simple but handy solution for the surging number of GoPro users.

Users can mount the GoPro in less than a second by just snapping the camera onto the CAMpanion mounting plate. The accessory will ship in May and cost $40. Its makers set a goal of raising $28,000 by March 28 through Kickstarter.


ProPalz enhances GoPro camera users’ extreme sense of humor

Using video to improve one’s game will do one of two things: it will either make one bitter or better. And better often includes bringing out one’s sense of humor. ProPalz may be able to help those who tend toward the extreme to take themselves less seriously when the stress and pressure to improve is on. The plush critters appear to serve a “duel” purpose in that they function both as a protective camera case and clip-mount. The padded case reduces shock during those extreme activities, and the clip camera mount offers the opportunity to attach the camera (while in the case) to a belt loop, back pack, golf club, guitar neck (or perhaps strap during performance), goal post, Harley handle bars or whatever one desires to make a ProPalz type of visual statement.

Of course, it might also work well for getting the kids to smile in videos, too. Other GoPro camera mounts that backers may want to check out include the Infinity Arm and SpinMount campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $6,500. For $100 backers get one product with an ambitious expected delivery of January 2015.

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GoPhone weds GoPro to iPhone in protective case of extreme capture

Go Phone iPhone case ba0e3633e1e631062b06ffb49df0ea9b_large[1]If you are a sports enthusiast with aspirations of going pro or someday engaging in the Olympics, you may find the GoPhone iPhone case to be a useful tool for sharpening your game. The iPhone case is intended to be compatible with an iPhone 5 and 5s. The case doubles as a handle and monitor for a GoPro camera. The GoPro app allows the user to have a monitor for their device through the iPhone screen via its wireless technology. The GoPhone case then allows the user to connect the two so that it becomes an all-in-one portable camera kit. Depending on what a person is trying to accomplish and their creativity level, it’s possible that just using an iPhone mount would work just as well as the GoPhone iPhone case. For a pledge of $40, backers get a complete product with an estimated delivery date of September 2014.