Duo Mount lets you GoPro using multiple angles at once.

The popularity of GoPro has led to the development of a growing number of accessories specifically designed for that action camera, including the GoBall handle.

Duo Mountpatent-claimed is a mount for GoPro Hero cameras that enables users of those action cams to mount one or two cameras at the same time, creating the ability to capture two different angles at once. There are vertical and horizontal mounting holes, allowing it to be bolted in any direction, on the left or right, front or back and bottom or top. It works with all generations of GoPro Hero cameras, including the new Hero4 Session, according to its Kickstarter campaign.

The carbon fiber-filled mount costs $45, but early bird backers can get one for only $30. It is expected to ship in April and its makers are looking to raise $95,000 by Nov. 20. A more heavy duty version made of aluminum, called the Duo Mount HD, is being bundled with the standard version as part of a Kickstarter offer at $90. But pricing for an HD version on its own isn’t provided at the campaign’s website.

The mount’s unique design gives it a clear advantage. But action cam fans looking to mount it to a helmet of any kind are out of luck because its makers caution not to use the accessory that way.

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