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With a smart lock, Monkey lets one key replace all others

The biggest issue with the sea of smart locks on the market is their design. As they can only really be used by homeowners, a large population of apartment dwellers miss out on the convenience having a smart lock provides because they still need a physical key for the front door of the building.

Locumi Labs thought it was time for a solution, creating the Monkey keyless entry system. Instead of being a typical smart lock, the monkey takes the form of an extremely compact, Wi-Fi enabled chip that is easily installed in the intercom in an apartment or home. From that point, a companion iOS or Android app is able to open the building’s main entrance using an app command, time-restricted access, or smartphone proximity for hands-free access.

In combination with a smart lock, monkey allows for full, keyless access for you or visitors no matter the living situation. A monkey chip will cost $76, and Locumi Labs is looking for $55,000 by December 7th, 2015.

Monkey is a clever solution to a underrepresented problem. Ease of installation and the absence of battery maintenance are features that deserve praise but as with all smartphone-dependent lock solutions, a lack of battery means sleeping outdoors for the night. Still, with proper management, it shouldn’t be a problem. Pair this with smart locks from Nucli, LazyLocks or Sesame for maximum versatility.

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