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Starling helps babies’ vocabularies shine bright

There have been several wearable devices for babies. But Starling is a newcomer with a twist –- a smart device that tracks the number of words that a baby says and hears each day.

patent-claimedStarling is shaped like a star and can be clipped onto a baby’s clothes or wherever he or she is sitting. The small, patent-pending device has been designed for parents who want to take advantage of research showing that early vocabulary development can impact a child’s success in life because a significant amount of brain development happens before the age of three, according to its Indiegogo campaign.

A smartphone app for unspecified mobile platforms provides parents with personalized information and analytics on their baby. Starling has a retail price of about $200, but early bird backers can get one for $129. It’s expected to ship in April and its makers’ goal is to raise $30,000 by Nov. 19.

The device’s functionality is certainly useful. But it would be nice if it also featured the temperature and other health monitoring capabilities of prior baby wearables, including Baby Check.


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