Tech Accessories

Flip Clip lets gadget lovers get attached to their devices

Trying to figure out where to stow that mobile device when on the go and still having easy access to it can be a challenge. So Flip Clip offers gadget lovers a hands-free option with a bit of style thrown in for good measure. The user attaches the product to the back of their mobile or smartphone case with the adhesive tape. Then pull up the snap spring and the phone or mobile can be attached to a belt loop, purse strap, chain or other convenient location.

Since it offers a hands-free solution, it is able to function as a camera phone holder too when wanting to create a video, though the video will probably be shaky since the phone would not be stabilized. Backers can choose from Swarovski Crystal, Murano style hand painted glass and natural gem stones. Lady backers looking for phone toting solutions might also be interested to check out Voye Clutch.  This campaign seeks to raise $10,000. For $12, backers Flip Clip with an expected delivery of February 2015.


ProPalz enhances GoPro camera users’ extreme sense of humor

Using video to improve one’s game will do one of two things: it will either make one bitter or better. And better often includes bringing out one’s sense of humor. ProPalz may be able to help those who tend toward the extreme to take themselves less seriously when the stress and pressure to improve is on. The plush critters appear to serve a “duel” purpose in that they function both as a protective camera case and clip-mount. The padded case reduces shock during those extreme activities, and the clip camera mount offers the opportunity to attach the camera (while in the case) to a belt loop, back pack, golf club, guitar neck (or perhaps strap during performance), goal post, Harley handle bars or whatever one desires to make a ProPalz type of visual statement.

Of course, it might also work well for getting the kids to smile in videos, too. Other GoPro camera mounts that backers may want to check out include the Infinity Arm and SpinMount campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $6,500. For $100 backers get one product with an ambitious expected delivery of January 2015.


WorkingStick supports you, your stuff and your camera on the trail

WorkingStickCampers or hikers look for products with various uses to lighten their loads when they’re enjoying the great outdoors. The WorkingStick is more than just a walking aid, it’s a phone-holder, picture-taker, and quad-pod for holding your various camping accoutrements. The stick folds out into a teepee shape, has a screw for digital cameras and a slot to hold phones. Each stick has extender capabilities and can reach up to 60”. Early-bird-watchers will receive the WorkingStick for $55 or for a regular price of $59 with an estimated delivery date of June 2014. WalkingStick has a low $2,000 goal in its 29-day Kickstarter campaign.