Plug’s beefy battery can power anything you need off the grid

Once a novel idea, our growing need for smartphone connectivity has spawned an endless supply of battery chargers. Many of these range from tiny keychain trinkets to more substantial slabs that offer two to three charges of smartphones boasting the biggest internal batteries.

To really stand out, though, you need to something big and different. ChargeTech knows this as the company has released a series of portable charging units including this charger charger that can keep a series of charging bricks topped off.Aafter hitting Indiegogo back in 2014 with what it claimed was the world’s smallest battery pack with an AC outlet, it’s with Plug, which houses a massive 48,000 mAh battery and two AC outlets as well as a USB-C port. How is capable of outputting  250 volts, which means it is robust enough to handle a desktop computer, a monitor, a television, a blender and many other electrical items one normally wouldn’t expect to use away from a wall.

Plug has targeted $30,000 in its flexible Indiegogo campaign by October 14th. Its current asking price is $209 following a $199 early bird offer with an expected retail price of $329. No shipping date is specified but the company is a relatively experienced manufacturer of power products.

Plug offers nearly two and half times the capacity of the recently funded Omnicharge, the “Pro” version of which can provide only 20,400 MAh. Of course, Plug is a quite a bit larger than even the OmniCharge Pro. Despite the company’s claims that it reengineered the device every time it couldn’t fit into a bag, Plug can’t escape the physics of providing as much juice as it does.

That said, anyone needing to really plug into Plug’s power isn’t looking to recharge their cell phone fully a dozen or more times and probably has a pretty sizable project that necessitates dragging around a lot of things. Plug also lacks Omnicharge’s fancy, information-packed display and optional Qi-enabled surface, but most people in its target market would probably rather have more capacity faster than more information and slower wireless charging.

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