News may make Indiegogo easier to navigate

Indiegogo’s launch of, a personal fundraising site in the spirit of GoFundMe, continues the work that the company started with Indiegogo Life. Much of the focus of the site has been around the lower fee structures that Generosity campaigns will have to pay. That’s a big plus for some of the truly needy cases that would take advantage of the site.

However, in true karmic fashion. Generosity could wind up giving back to its parent site. As an open platform, Indiegogo has never banned personal charity campaigns from its flagship site. And while that has resulted in some relatively good exposure for those campaigns, they often are not necessarily the kinds of projects that Indiegogo backers are interested in funding when they seek out categories such as Tech and Design. By guiding those campaigns over to Generosity, it clears the field for projects that are more of interest to early adopters than philanthropists.


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