Level Minder alerts if your bath water becomes a rising tide

An overflowing bathtub or sink can be disastrous, requiring costly repairs by the time you realize what’s happening. Many have experienced it, from the elderly to the physically impaired to those who are just plain forgetful or distracted, making a solution to the issue an important one.

Level Minder is a small, compact sensor that attaches to the edge of a bathtub or sink with a suction cup. Once there, sensors at the bottom of the unit alert you with a loud alarm once water reaches them, with planned Wi-Fi capability to send a text message or even wirelessly turn off the water supply when you’re not in. The unit comes in three colors to match a wide variety of bathroom layouts and currently goes for $100, with an estimated delivery date of March 2015. The campaign needs a staggering $500,000 to make it all happen.

The Level Minder is a fine solution to a real issue, but the product is way too narrow in what it does. The inventor talks about how big the issue of water damage is, but ultimately doesn’t convince. Add its bloated cost and the Level Minder ends up being a lot less sensible than it initially seems.

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The Phone Sitter is a phone throne for the bathroom

The Phone Sitter  6b88386fffa1d1483ea6df9b070261ab_large[1]The four hundred billion dollar question posed in connection to this particular campaign via its video: Do you use your phone in the bathroom? Given the fact that 1.4 billion phones have been dropped in the toilet, there are apparently many who do. And the above noted amount is a rough total in losses. The Phone Sitter is a plastic phone mount that is specially designed to dock your phone on your bathroom wall while you dock yourself nearby for a more pressing matter. While it won’t actually do anything to prevent your phone’s demise should it go for a swim in the porcelain pool, the idea is that having a dedicated place to put one’s phone should help avoid positioning that leads to such unfortunate circumstances. The creator’s goal is to get this handy-dandy gadget mounted in every bathroom in America – even in your place of employment. (So much for hiding in the bathroom to escape the boss for a while.) For $30, a backer gets The Phone Sitter in their color choice with an expected delivery of June 2014. Or you could just leave it on the sink