SafeKEYPER folds in a seat belt cutter into your key carrier

SafeKeyperThe explosion of panic that comes when a car careens off the road and into a body of water is paralyzing. With only 10 – 20 seconds to act, SafeKEYPER could be lifesaving.  The key ring doubles as a small emergency device, giving quick thinking drivers a tool that is literally at their fingertips to cut their seatbelt, break out a car window, and swim to safety. This is a great idea in theory, but it’s questionable that a panicking person would actually remember it when it’s never been used before. It’s also questionable that a woman would have the strength to break the car window, and how effective the seatbelt cutter will be if there is a baby in the backseat. Nevertheless, backers can get one product for $27 with an expected delivery of January 2015.

Organization Tools

Small, durable Keynade lets your keys hang around

KeynadePerhaps one of life’s major annoyances is that matter of frequently misplaced house and car keys – small but highly essential items. In an effort to put a stop to the craziness of trying to find them or remember where they may have been placed last, Keynade offers a key ring that has a hook for hanging keys in a pant or purse pocket. The solid, Aerospace grade Titanium sanity restorer also includes a bottle opener, tab lifter and screw driver that seems to be effective while still being TSA-friendly. This seems like it may be a rather quality product overall, but it might be even nicer if the hook functioned more like a mountain climbing clip. For $25, backers get one product with an expected deliver of December 2014.


Quickey Multi-Tool unlocks your inner MacGyver

QuicKey  20140305131711-Cover_Specs_3[1]For those of you who have decided that a Swiss Army Knife is too bulky to carry around, Quickey Multi-Tool may be the multi-tool for which you have been longing. It’s about the size of a standard key and you can even attach it to your key ring. Quickey boasts of having five functions: a file, flathead screwdriver, scorer, bottle opener. and serrated edge that functions like a pocket knife. While not the first key-like multitool, the Quickey could certainly come in handy to backers, who can pick one up for $9 with an estimated delivery of April 2014.