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With The Light Clock, it’s always time to light up

LEDs are everywhere these days, including inside our TVs and the Sunn smart light fixture.

The Light Clock finds another usage for them, featuring colored LEDs instead of normal clock hands to tell the time. The lights, which are placed around the clock’s perimeter, create a neon-like underlighting effect. Colors on the wall clock can be customized using Wi-Fi and a mobile/Web app available for computers, iOS and Android to match the user’s room décor or their mood. The device uses 120 LEDs to tell the time and each of those LEDs is able to display more than 16 million colors, according to its Kickstarter campaign.

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DreamMe has your smartphone display dancing on the ceiling

For many smartphone owners, the alarm clock has become yet another device that the versatile device has replaced alongside the camera, camcorder, music player, navigation device and even flashlight. After all, one generally has to charge it at night. Why not keep it at bedside? But there’s at least one alarm clock feature used by some that smartphones couldn’t answer — the ability to project the time on the ceiling.

DreamMe is a lens that’s designed to sit atop your smartphone’s screen at bedtime. When used with its companion app, it can outdo projection alarm clocks by projecting a range of things on the ceiling, including the time in different cities, weather, social media or other messages. DreamMe requires no batteries or other power to do its thing. The device can be manually focused by twisting its halves. DreamMe’s creator seeks $10, 872 by September 23rd. DreamMe can be topping your smartphone for €18 (about $20) with the devices slated to be shipped in December.

The DreamMe is a clever little accessory that will fill a gap for what has proven to be a resilient alarm clock feature Its versatility could be a bit of a drawback as a social media stream, for instance, might do more to keep one awake than keep one asleep. But of course that’s up to the owner.


Sleep Technology

SensorWake alarm clock helps you arise with aroma

It’s pretty hard to make a unique alarm clock. After all, no matter how many bells and whistles a manufacturer adds to such a device, it’s still going to wake people up using sounds –- be it the radio or more traditional annoying alarm sounds.

patent-claimedSensorWake, however, is an original twist on the alarm clock, using the sense of smell to wake users up. It uses patented technology that enables a scent to be released from fragrance capsules at a specified time. One capsule can be reused up to 60 times and the device will wake users up in less than two minutes each time, according to consumer tests that were conducted on more than 100 people, its developer says.

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Ramos uses a Bluetooth beacon to coax your butt from the bed

Getting up in the morning for some is a delight and for others means terror. Getting up on the wrong side of the bed means a day full of disappointment. Sometimes the way we get up can determine the course of the day.

Ramos is an alarm clock that not only gets you out of bed, but does so the right way. The alarm consists of three parts, first the clock by the side of the bed, a Bluetooth sensor, and your smartphone. Upon waking up, the user must get out of bed and bring their smartphone close to the sensor. Distances can be customized, but most choose to put the sensor in the bathroom or kitchen next to the coffeepot. For heavy sleepers, Ramos requires a four digit code to really make them think.

The accompanying smartphone app allows for multiple alarms, snooze limits, multiple users, and more. A courtesy mode makes one initial beep, but then shuts up to consider letting others sleep. The user can also play their own music with or without a gradual loudness mode to make waking up a little more smooth. With a USB port, you can charge your smartphone so it can stay attached to the alarm and the alarm runs on battery when unplugged, so it can never be tricked.

Ramos has really thought of everything in terms of waking up. The movable sensor makes it easy to prepare for different kinds of days. Its various modes consider the comfort of bedfellows and family members. Best of all, it doesn’t wake you up with a greased pig-like chase around the room like some unconventional alarms do. For backers who want to get up in the morning without feeling like committing murders, try Ramos for a donation of $99 in either white or black for estimated delivery in May 2015. Ramos is hoping to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter.


OneTime Calendar Clock tracks our journey around the sun

For those artistic types who don’t mind the confines that come with being reminded of the time, here is a unique piece of functional art that not only tracks the time, but also the date. One Time Calendar Clock incorporates the colors of the beloved rainbow into the seasons of the year as they connect to the months. Besides the hardcopy version that hangs on the wall, there is also a computer screensaver version. There are plans in the works to develop a computer version that actually keeps track of appointments, and a one time app. It would seem that with some additional effort, this could be made into something that is renewable. Even so, it seems that this product will have some appeal to those who appreciate art, especially art deco. This campaign seeks to raise £5,000 (~$8,000 USD) by November 2014. Early bird backers get a fully assembled wall clock for £49 (~$83 USD) with an expected delivery of January 2015.

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Vox puts a pyramid of desk tools at your fingertips

In a world where humans are expected to multitask, it only seems fair that there are gadgets available that allow for gadgets to multitask as well.

Vox makes multitasking more effective in our fast paced world. Oh, let tech lovers count the ways! Six ways, to be exact. These include a rechargeable LED desk lamp, USB and laptop charger, Bluetooth speakers, video recording camera, classical clock, smartphone, and tablet dock. At the touch of a button, answer the phone while using a charging laptop, enjoying Bluetooth, and driving the caller crazy. It’s the ultimate multitasking experience with each side of the pyramid having its own unique multitask enhancing purpose!

The fun is available to those who own iPhone 6/6+, as well as owners of Apple, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, LG, Asus, Acer, and Fujitsu laptops. Early bird backers who want the six-feature premium version product can get theirs for $95 with an expected delivery of December 2014.

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Smart O’Clock keeps you on top of scheduled appointments

smartoclockWhen planning a day around appointment notifications, there doesn’t appear to be a middle ground. Pop-up alerts or alarms either seem to happen too early to be significant and are quickly closed, or so late that the only option is to stop everything and run out the door. The Smart O’Clock combines the display of a standard wall or desk clock with Bluetooth Low Energy and electronic ink to solve this problem. Using a standard analog clock face with an extra segmented ring, the Smart O’Clock syncs up to any calendar app on iOS or Android phones and blacks out segments of the day that are already spoken for with activities. The approach seems more useful than the e-ink-based aclock. Smart O’Clock will arrive to customers who pledge at least $69 in July 2014.


Alarming Clock wakes you up when it’s feeling peckish

The Premise. The alarm clock is the one thing that seems to be universally dreaded. It’s always there to go off in the morning, cutting off the most perfect bit of sleep with a harsh, shrill, and frankly alarming sound. Shouldn’t the alarm clock go off to announce the perfect start to a new day?

The Product. Alarming Clock is an unusual alarm clock with some thoughtful design touches. The bottom panel of the clock is like a traditional digital clock, where alarms can be set and the time can be viewed. When it’s time for sleep, the Alarming Clock goes off nine hours before wakeup time, telling owners to wind down for the day and start counting sheep by the end of the next hour. But even the alarm is different – designed to simulate the sounds of the woodpecker, the alarm is a small, wooden-tipped piston that will knock against any surface set next to it whether it’s wood, metal, musical, or any other surface. To turn off the alarm, just touch the top of the oak surface with a hand.

The Pitch. London’s Alarming Industries is behind the Alarming Clock, and shows off how simple this oak obelisk is to use and sleep by. Everything about the presentation of the Alarming Clock screams modern, from the design itself to the campaign videos and pictures. The end result is something charming and curious that will surely interest those looking for a new kind of morning. Alarming Industries needs to raise £15,000 to complete manufacturing.

The Perks. £180 will get backers an Alarming Clock to get them up in the morning. £235 will include three of the Alarming Tumblers that can be filled with liquid to create a custom alarm tone, and for £350, backers can pick their own type of wood to have a custom clock. All rewards are scheduled to be delivered in July 2014, and require additional shipping for orders outside of the UK.

The Potential. While certainly more artisan exercise than mainstream bedside companion, the Alarming Clock shows a serious rethinking of the standard digital display-blinking alarm clock that integrates getting enough rest the night before. However, there are legitimate worries for heavy sleepers whether or not the gentle pecking tone is enough to rouse those who sleep like the dead. It will certainly be picked up for those that want a more alternative morning routine without the jarring sensation of a klaxon.


Blub Nixie tube clock designed to glow on you

BlubClockDecades before there were LCD displays, Nixie tubes showed off digits in glowing vacuum glass containers. Their retro appeal and geek cred have led them to adorn the wrist of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. And while they’re a tad impractical for such a small timepiece, they have no problem working on the aluminum brick that serves as the base of Blub. Due to ship in backers in May, the clock is more art than functional timepiece, as one would certainly surmise from its $369 AUD price tag. It features a night-time shutoff and an alarm, although you probably shouldn’t try slamming it as you would a snooze button.