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With The Light Clock, it’s always time to light up

LEDs are everywhere these days, including inside our TVs and the Sunn smart light fixture.

The Light Clock finds another usage for them, featuring colored LEDs instead of normal clock hands to tell the time. The lights, which are placed around the clock’s perimeter, create a neon-like underlighting effect. Colors on the wall clock can be customized using Wi-Fi and a mobile/Web app available for computers, iOS and Android to match the user’s room décor or their mood. The device uses 120 LEDs to tell the time and each of those LEDs is able to display more than 16 million colors, according to its Kickstarter campaign.

To create the hour and minute hands, The Light Clock projects light in two different colors. In addition to the colors, the clock’s brightness and time zone can be customized using the app, and colors can be blended together. There’s even a night mode that minimizes the illumination. The clock is also open source so that developers can add to or modify its functionality easily after it ships in May. Retail pricing isn’t available, but early bird backers can get one now at about $145. Its makers are hoping to raise $21,412 by Dec. 2.

Alas, it requires a power supply to work its colorful magic. And it may take some time for at least some users to tell exactly what time it is without numbers or even clock hands to fall back on. That said, the Light Clock is an offbeat take on the wall clock that should appeal to more artistic-minded consumers and tech enthusiasts.

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