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SensorWake alarm clock helps you arise with aroma

It’s pretty hard to make a unique alarm clock. After all, no matter how many bells and whistles a manufacturer adds to such a device, it’s still going to wake people up using sounds –- be it the radio or more traditional annoying alarm sounds.

patent-claimedSensorWake, however, is an original twist on the alarm clock, using the sense of smell to wake users up. It uses patented technology that enables a scent to be released from fragrance capsules at a specified time. One capsule can be reused up to 60 times and the device will wake users up in less than two minutes each time, according to consumer tests that were conducted on more than 100 people, its developer says.

The device also includes an audio alarm that goes off after three minutes in case the user still isn’t awake. SensorWake will cost about $119 for the device and a pack of two capsules that should last four months. It will ship in November. SensorWake’s maker set a Kickstarter goal of raising $54,751 by July 1.

As long as the device indeed works as well as its maker says, a broad consumer base may find the device appealing –- even those who replaced traditional alarm clocks with their smartphones a long time ago.

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