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Presence home security system keeps the sensors, skips the fees

Everyone wants to keep their home safe. Not everyone wants to pay the sometimes steep monitoring fees associated with doing so. The result? Houses everywhere essentially are left unprotected.

The Presence home security system gives both renters and homeowners peace of mind without taking a piece of their wallet with it.  It uses the cameras and Wi-Fi connectivity of the spare smartphones and tablets most people already have, and puts them to use alongside a variety of sensors, like motion and temperature, to keep any household safe from intruders, flooding, and a variety of other problems.

Everything can be managed from a user’s daily smartphone, Presence’s use of an If That, Then This-style rule engine to set up customized events, and the participation of trusted family and friends to keep things running smoothly. The Presence entry pack comes complete with two entry sensors, one motion sensor, the Presence hub, and iOS/Android/Web access for $199, with an undisclosed ship date. Presence wants to raise $20,000 by June 27, 2015.

As opposed to integrated products such as Canary, Presence take a more traditional devices everywhere around the home approach. The upside to this is a limitless area of coverage limited only by the number of devices someone has. The downside is how complicated it can become managing it all. Some simpler alternatives are the Point and SandboxHome.

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