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A little birdie told us that CuCu has reinvented the wall clock

No matter most do, time is a hard thing to really get a grasp on. Getting enough sleep, making sure meetings are attended and errands are done in a timely fashion — people routinely mess these things up. The team behind the CuCu wants to make it a lot easier — and more stylish — to keep your day in check.

The CuCu clock is a smart alarm clock that attaches to the wall and tells you the time by reviving the age-old idea of a cuckoo clock for the modern age. Obviously, CuCu works in tandem with its companion mobile app owners can use to do simple things like set alarms, integrate with iCal, check battery or change up the device’s customizable LED lighting.

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Smart O’Clock keeps you on top of scheduled appointments

smartoclockWhen planning a day around appointment notifications, there doesn’t appear to be a middle ground. Pop-up alerts or alarms either seem to happen too early to be significant and are quickly closed, or so late that the only option is to stop everything and run out the door. The Smart O’Clock combines the display of a standard wall or desk clock with Bluetooth Low Energy and electronic ink to solve this problem. Using a standard analog clock face with an extra segmented ring, the Smart O’Clock syncs up to any calendar app on iOS or Android phones and blacks out segments of the day that are already spoken for with activities. The approach seems more useful than the e-ink-based aclock. Smart O’Clock will arrive to customers who pledge at least $69 in July 2014.