Food and Beverage

Bottleloft lets your brewskies hang out in the fridge

Football, beer and pizza. Now there’s a sports lover’s winning combo! What better way to beat the winter blahs than to have a bunch of friends over for Super Bowl Sunday? Ample space in the refrigerator for storing each delectable culinary delight is crucial to having a successful party. That’s precisely why Bottleloft was invented. This unique strip of magnets helps save and make more space in the refrigerator. A special low temperature application grade of 3M VHB adhesive is used to ensure proper adhesion to the top or the refrigerator shelf unit, and neodymium-grade magnets, which are some of the strongest that are available, hold beer or other beverages in place that have a metal cap. But alas, backers will be limited to a 12 bottle maximum on this. So if it’s a big party, break out the coolers. In fact, Coolest Cooler would be a great fit for just such a party. This campaign seeks to raise $20,000 by November 9, 2014. For $20, backers get one bottle loft that holds three bottles. Expected delivery is January 2015.

Food and Beverage Safety

Slip Me Not keeps spikers, creepers away

Slip Me NotThis item may be the dream of every father and mother of a teenage or college-age daughter. Slip Me Not is an interesting device that makes drink spikers keep their naughty little deeds to themselves. The product is made of a clear, adhesive film that fits over the top of various sized glasses, keeping anything nefarious away from the beverage. A straw can be inserted if preferred, or simply poke a hole in the same area. Seems like clear plastic wrap could function in much the same way as this product if one always pours their own drink, but attending a party with plastic wrap tucked under one’s arm might look a bit strange. For $10 AUD backers get two packs of products and an expected delivery of February 2015.