Imaging Organization

GearEye helps you keep an eye on your gear

Many people have become increasingly reliant on their smartphones, cameras and other electronic devices. One resulting problem is the difficulty in keeping track of all the various lenses, chargers and other accessories that are used in conjunction with devices.

GearEye is an RFID-based tagging and gear management system for ensuring that all gear is in one’s bag or close at hand and, if it’s not, that it can be easily found. It works in conjunction with an Android and iOS app, and uses a smartphone’s smart sensors and RFID GearTag labels to keep track of the user’s gear.

GearEye ships in July at $199 for a SKU that includes a choice of a case or dongle, along with five GearTags for metal items and 15 regular GearTags in a mixture of sizes, and $219 for a SKU that includes 10 GearTags for metal items and 30 regular GearTags in mixed sizes. But Kickstarter backers can order them now for pledges of $129 and $139, respectively. Its makers are out to raise $60,000 by Dec. 30.


Recoil Power Maze cuts the cord clutter

Life today comes with strings attached. And those strings are cords that plug into the wall. While some devices are going cordless, laptops, monitors, modems, and phones all need to be plugged into the wall. This leads to an unpleasant tangle of cords below the desk that no one wants to see or deal with.

The Power Maze gets the cords off the floor and organizes them on the top of a desk or table. It’s designed to fit a full-sized power strip and up to fifty feet of cords. Plug into the power strip as normal, then wrap the cords around the “Cord Lock Patches”. These spaces have alternating polyethylene protrusions that hold the cords in place. The Power Maze also has space in the sleek design to house the large blocks that come on many laptop chargers to protect from power surge. The campaign hopes to raise $40,000 by August 17, 2015, and is selling the Power Maze for $40, with expected delivery in October 2015.

The Power Maze is great for fixed objects like desktop PCs, but might not be very practical for anything you might need to charge on the go like a laptop given the amount of wrapping around that has to happen to fit the cords inside the small box.



EazyPac helps pills and other small necessities come along for the ride.

Ever tossed a container into a backpack or diaper bag and had the contents spill on everything?  Or had to carry multiple containers for liquids or pastes, and another type for solids, just to avoid leaks?

The Eazy Pac is an all-in-one container that collapses to take up almost no room. The Eazy Pac is great for baby food, small snacks like nuts, and even shampoos and conditioners when traveling. Versatility is the name of the game, and it’s easy to use one container for multiple purposes. Due to the wide-mouth design, the washes easily so users get that peace of mind between uses. The containers also come in various colors, so they’re easy to identify without having to open them. For $17, backers get a pack of two in August 2015, and the creators hope to raise $30,000 by June 12, 2015.

A walk through any Container Store will yield no shortage of small containers that compete with the EasyPac. However, the product’s collapsible nature sets it apart somewhat.


Zeepers helps create storage solutions for the stuff you use most

Finding a quick, convenient place to store things like pot holders, keys, and small tools can often be challenging. This problem is made all the more frustrating when kids rooms are involved. While messy floors in kids rooms might sometimes be the result of laziness, it can also be caused by a lack of viable and convenient storage options.

Zeepers are multi-functional organizational tools that help kids easily get things off the floor while also offering adults a convenient place to hang the little things in life that are used too frequently for drawer storage. The magnetic mounting device on Zeepers sticks to a wall via a specially designed sticky gel that won’t cause any damage. Zeepers lay flat, and also come with a hinge so that they can be used along a wall corner.

The product certainly seems like an interesting idea, but there aren’t enough details about its true utility or even how it actually attaches to walls. Disorganized backers looking for organizational motivation might want to check out Kubonets, PowerTower, and Elevation Rack. This campaign seeks to raise $65,000 by April 1, 2015. For $20, backers get one kit with an expected delivery date in August 2015.

Organization Travel

McChi Luggage offers convenience for those on the go, makes airports more bearable

It’s been said that it’s not about the journey, but the destination. Well, most seasoned travelers would have to disagree. Actually trying to get somewhere, especially when air travel is involved, can be a huge pain.

McChi Luggage is a way for travelers to experience a bit more convenience than the airport has to offer. These bags not only hold stuff, but also convert into tabletops. This is especially useful, since airports always seem to lack flat surfaces to put stuff down on. McChi also features its very own USB charging station, perfect for phones and tablets. The luggage is made from either black or silver aluminum, and features two different table heights.

The creators of this luggage line, also the makers of the McChi Lock, have thought of two very important conveniences for travelers: tabletops and chargers. Both will surely make long trips much easier. This product is especially useful for sales or businesspeople who must remain organized in order to appear professional. Hopefully, the bags aren’t too heavy for travelers.

One will cost backers $240 for the carry-on model, and $260 for the mid-size model, with an expected delivery in July of this year. McChi hopes to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter by March 9.


Stance Desk rises to challenge of the war on sitting

The war on sitting in is full swing as the new year has begun. Stance Desk is here to add some additional artillery to the armory. This particular standing desk works with a toggle and weight system. Release the toggle to adjust the desk up and down, and the weight on the back of the desk balances with the weight on the front of the desk. The idea is that when those tedious tasks that come with every desk job begin to make one’s eyelids feel heavy, there is the option to stand up rather than remain seated and risk falling asleep in front of the computer.

While Stance appears to be a quality product, it doesn’t really seem any better than other standing desks trying to make their way into the marketplace. Interested backers might also want to check out the BU Desk, and ReadyDesk, not to be confused with the RediDesk campaigns. Those who think laterally may also be interested in Wrap. This campaign seeks to raise £6,500 (~$10,000) on Kickstarter. For £200 (~$300), backers get one Stance Desk with an expected delivery of April 2015.


Sole Stacks keeps shoes in an artsy looking rack

For those who believe that one can never have too many pairs of shoes, here is a storage idea that will get them off of the closet floor and someplace where they can be more easily organized and found – hanging right on the wall.

Sole Stacks is a modular, art deco looking wall mount for storing shoes. The product comes in three sizes: the five rack for five pairs of shoes, nine rack for nine pairs, and 13 rack 13 pairs. Racks can also be stacked. The unique slope saves space so more shoes can be stored, and is intended to be complimentary with the furniture around it. Some assembly with tools is required. Which tools are needed is not clearly specified, but it doesn’t appear to be particularly complex.

This seems like a very convenient way for shoe fanatics to keep all of their shoes organized and accessible. Shoe-loving backers may also want to check out Zem shoes and Bast shoes. This campaign seeks to raise $10,000. Backers get one five-stack Sole Stacks for $60 with an expected delivery of April 2015.


Kubonets creates magnetic organization space for keys, lots of other little things

Car keys, sunglasses, and mobile phones are just a few of the little things in life that always seem to disappear. Being consistent with where they are stored can be helpful for keeping track of where they are. Kubonets offers a magnetic mount as one solution to keeping items at arm’s reach and at one’s fingertips.

The magnets are set in wood blocks for easy mounting. Backers can choose from mahogany, padauk, and walnut settings, and the wooden mounts can be attached to a wall, refrigerator, tool shed, or wherever else some organization is needed. The product is easily mounted with either an adhesive tape or glue. It appears that each mount comes with adhesive tape, though this is not specifically stated.

Kubonets may be most useful in the kitchen with metal cooking utensils or in a tool shed.  The individual blocks are a little small, however. Kubonets’ creators may want to consider adding larger units to their product line. Backers may also be interested in Elevation Rack and Bench. This campaign seeks to raise $500 on Kickstarter. Backers get one set of nine Kubonets for $30 with an expected delivery of February 2015.

Tech Accessories

PowerTower organizational stand stacks devices, cleans up cords

An excess of cords anywhere in the household can be an incredible eyesore, and one that isn’t very easy to fix without some sort of creative solution that hides the wires in some way. It’s difficult sometimes to do so with the sheer number of cords that sprout from the growing number communication peripherals, like routers, people own.

The PowerTower organizes all of these peripherals by offering a four level stand that accommodates a decent number of devices. The product was designed with spaces in its semi-circular base and spine to tuck away the many wires that need to be connected in a clean fashion, reducing the amount of snake-pit like corners in the home.

Six AC and four USB outlets ensure everything needing power gets enough of it. Since it doesn’t itself get out of the way like the WrapAround, as a consequence the stand itself can end up being the eyesore instead as it isn’t the sleekest of designs. The $100,000 campaign is looking to get the $99 PowerTower in homes by May 2015.


360 Shelf brings a new twist to holding small items on a wall

Shelf space is key when it comes to trying to organize one’s living space, second only to a good floor plan. The 360 Shelf attempts to offer shelf space for the little things that clutter up life, but it appears that several of them would be needed to really be very useful. Users can choose from multiple angles for the shelf, or affix it so that it is level. The Beachwood shelf units come in four different finishes. Some instillation is required using a single screw for mounting.

It’s not clear what the measurements of the shelf actually are, but it appears to be fairly small, only holding 1-3 small, book-sized or tablet-sized items, depending on the items. Other interesting products designed to help with organizing the home that backers might like to check out include the Shelfie, Bench, and StaX to name a few where getting organized is concerned. This campaign seeks to raise $15,000 by December 23, 2014. Early bird backers get one shelf for $40 with an expected delivery of February 2015.