Sole Stacks keeps shoes in an artsy looking rack

For those who believe that one can never have too many pairs of shoes, here is a storage idea that will get them off of the closet floor and someplace where they can be more easily organized and found – hanging right on the wall.

Sole Stacks is a modular, art deco looking wall mount for storing shoes. The product comes in three sizes: the five rack for five pairs of shoes, nine rack for nine pairs, and 13 rack 13 pairs. Racks can also be stacked. The unique slope saves space so more shoes can be stored, and is intended to be complimentary with the furniture around it. Some assembly with tools is required. Which tools are needed is not clearly specified, but it doesn’t appear to be particularly complex.

This seems like a very convenient way for shoe fanatics to keep all of their shoes organized and accessible. Shoe-loving backers may also want to check out Zem shoes and Bast shoes. This campaign seeks to raise $10,000. Backers get one five-stack Sole Stacks for $60 with an expected delivery of April 2015.

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