Universal Laundry Hose makes pouring soap easier, may save marriages

For those who feel that storing the laundry detergent on a shelf above the washer and dryer is too much of a hassle, here is a gadget that may solve not only that problem, but, according to the video, also settle domestic disputes – sort of. Universal Laundry Hose is touted as being compatible with every laundry detergent bottle on the market. The original cap gets replaced with the cap and hose system. The hose has a spigot so that the correct amount of detergent can still be measured for each laundry load while the bottle sits on a shelf on its side.

One has to wonder just how this works when the detergent gets low enough that it won’t freely run from the bottle and it needs to be tipped. Maybe that’s when she reverts to putting a new bottle on top of the dryer – or just refuses to do the laundry until he replaces the old bottle. It seems that purchasing a smaller bottle would solve this problem just as well. This campaign seeks to raise $50,000. For $10, backers get one Universal Laundry Hose with an expected delivery of February 2015.

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