Stance Desk rises to challenge of the war on sitting

The war on sitting in is full swing as the new year has begun. Stance Desk is here to add some additional artillery to the armory. This particular standing desk works with a toggle and weight system. Release the toggle to adjust the desk up and down, and the weight on the back of the desk balances with the weight on the front of the desk. The idea is that when those tedious tasks that come with every desk job begin to make one’s eyelids feel heavy, there is the option to stand up rather than remain seated and risk falling asleep in front of the computer.

While Stance appears to be a quality product, it doesn’t really seem any better than other standing desks trying to make their way into the marketplace. Interested backers might also want to check out the BU Desk, and ReadyDesk, not to be confused with the RediDesk campaigns. Those who think laterally may also be interested in Wrap. This campaign seeks to raise £6,500 (~$10,000) on Kickstarter. For £200 (~$300), backers get one Stance Desk with an expected delivery of April 2015.