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McChi Luggage offers convenience for those on the go, makes airports more bearable

It’s been said that it’s not about the journey, but the destination. Well, most seasoned travelers would have to disagree. Actually trying to get somewhere, especially when air travel is involved, can be a huge pain.

McChi Luggage is a way for travelers to experience a bit more convenience than the airport has to offer. These bags not only hold stuff, but also convert into tabletops. This is especially useful, since airports always seem to lack flat surfaces to put stuff down on. McChi also features its very own USB charging station, perfect for phones and tablets. The luggage is made from either black or silver aluminum, and features two different table heights.

The creators of this luggage line, also the makers of the McChi Lock, have thought of two very important conveniences for travelers: tabletops and chargers. Both will surely make long trips much easier. This product is especially useful for sales or businesspeople who must remain organized in order to appear professional. Hopefully, the bags aren’t too heavy for travelers.

One will cost backers $240 for the carry-on model, and $260 for the mid-size model, with an expected delivery in July of this year. McChi hopes to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter by March 9.


Back to the Backers: Mükava ergonomic table

Backerjack covered the ergonomic table, Mükava, back in September. Although it was unsuccessful in reaching its goal on Kickstarter, the brains behind Mükava, Tom Keenan, decided to try another tactic. He set up a campaign on Indiegogo with a low goal, 1% of his original $50,000 campaign. Asking backers for only $500, Keenan found success on Indiegogo. Now, he’s moved back to Kickstarter with the same small goal.

Mükava is an ergonomic table aimed at making reading books, tablets, phones, magazines or whatever else easier. The table has an adjustable angle and height, making it easier to read in bed or wherever else. Devices stick to the surface made of a special material and it comes equipped with book holders for this old-fashioned medium. In addition, Mükava has USB ports for charging, an LED light and even Document Pebbles to attach documents.

Mükava is versatile to be sure, but looks a little bit like it belongs in a hospital. Still, its many uses span both the home and office. Keenan hasn’t changed the table at all since the original campaign. Backers can have their very own for a $225 donation for estimated delivery in April 2015. It’s clear that backers like this product because they’re still ordering it and if Keenan can keep those goals low, he’s certain to have success for Mükava. Don’t give up, Keenan!


Mobi shelves a standalone nightstand

Space-saving gadgets can make for some wonderfully convenient solutions, whether living in a small home, or a large one rife with clutter. Mobi is a nightstand that doesn’t require wall space, just a bed. The zig-zag shape is what causes it to stay in place, with the bottom portion getting tucked in between the mattress and the box spring. There is also a section to stow a few magazines and a small slit in the table lets a mobile device charging cord hang straight from the device so that it doesn’t fall off of the table. The table can also be used easily with a couch. The product is made of brushed aluminum, and there are also multiple wood effect options from which to choose.

While the dimensions of the table aren’t noted in the campaign, it appears that it is roughly the length and width of a magazine. Not a great deal of space for a nightstand, however, Mobi still seems like a high-quality purchase. This campaign seeks to raise $5,000 by December 23, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for $45, with an expected delivery of February 2015.


MagRack Table lets you sweep reading material, crumbs into a vertical slot

Tabletop clutter from magazines and other literature can make a living space feel confined and congested. But information lovers often have trouble letting go of those coveted stacks of golden knowledge. MagRack offers a way to sweep information, and perhaps also any crumbs left on the table from snacking, into a v-shaped storage area. The blended magazine rack-table is 75 centimeters wide and either 105 centimeters long or 160 centimeters long. Table top surfaces are either coated with high quality linoleum, or with a polished acrylic layer. It does have to be put together, but it appears that assembly is fairly simple, and a mitter joint is used to connect the pieces. The tables are made of layers of plywood, which can be seen from the side only. This campaign seeks to raise $15,000 CAD (~$13,200 USD) by December 11, 2015. Early bird backers get one product for $356 CAD (~$316 USD) with an expected delivery of April 2015.

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Mükava table covers any angle to prop up your laptop or tablet

editors-choiceThe Premise. The aches and pains associated with the fine pleasures of reading from a newspaper, a book, or — more recently, smartphones and tablets — a problem as old as time. The stopgaps we employ to read or surf just a few more pages aren’t very helpful either: laying on your side or even turning upside down can offer temporary comfort but eventually that soreness will return, making it difficult to enjoy devices or books for long periods at a time.

The Product. Tom Keenan’s Mükava Table aims to alleviate that discomfort, ergonomically facilitating the reading of books, magazines, documents, and devices in a home or office setting. It does this either with its Mükava Pads, which allow any device to be attached and swapped no matter the size, or its tucked away book bands to hold up everything else. The product has a few more tricks up its sleeves, too. Located neatly behind it are two USB ports to charge devices, Document Pebbles to attach documents, and a removable USB light for reading without ambient light. The table is versatile enough to be placed in any room while sleek enough to double as a side table when not in use. The campaign also includes their Mükava for Monitor Arm, which fits onto any standard monitor arm with a VISA plate for those places where the full stand isn’t convenient.

The Pitch. The company behind the idea, The Project for Adult Literacy and Schools, LLC, bills itself as a social enterprise looking to donate 10% of every product sold to charities that support their causes. It does a great job in clearly detailing all of Mükava’s strengths as a product with just enough textual information accompanied by bright, clear pictures and informative GIFs. Altogether, the skillful use of mediums paints an easy-to-understand picture of what the product can do. As such, their campaign will go a long way in convincing potential backers to contribute towards their $50,000 goal.

The Perks. Pledging $260 can get you a Mükava in either birch or white, while splurging $300 can net you a premium version in brushed stainless steel. If the entire Mükava is excessive for your setup, a $100 pledge can get you a Mükava for Monitor Arm instead.

The Potential. The Mükava is a stunner. Its smooth lines and versatile nature make it a tempting product for anyone. The Mükava Pad is a standout feature, allowing past and future devices to be attached without worry of ever being outdated. Its price, though, makes a possible purchase a bit harder to swallow considering you could buy a much cheaper case or a stand, even if it probably wouldn’t look as good nor have nearly as much utility.

Tech Accessories

StandStand ensures your laptop rises to any occasion

StandStandAmong those things we do all the time that are awful for our health, sitting is the new smoking. That’s why many sedentary office workers are finding new and interesting ways to avoid sitting all day. The StandStand offers one such solution in the form of a laptop riser. The wooden stand sits atop any desk or table making it possible to stand at your computer anywhere. While not completely revolutionary, StandStand provides the convenience that most standing desks fail to offer. One of these wooden stands costs backers $50 on Kickstarter with a $15,000 campaign goal.

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Smart Furniture hides table, chairs as bookcase piping

Smart Furniture  20140326124332-dezeen_As-If-From-Nowhere-by-Orla-Reynolds_5[1]Perhaps every home owner’s main complaint about their home after living in it a few years is not enough space. Of course, that could easily apply to a dorm room, apartment or even a teenager’s bedroom. The very clever Smart Furniture offers a unique solution to creating more space in small environments. The bookcase holds colorful chairs and a table that seamlessly slide in for storage and out when ready to use. Cushions are also available for setting up the storage area as more comfortable benches. The chairs, however, are pretty spartan and probably wouldn’t be comfortable for extended periods. For $55, a backer gets the complete product, but you will have to assemble it yourself. Expected delivery is May 2014.


Attiture puts balcony-friendly furniture design on the table

The Premise. Living in a small space can make arranging furniture difficult, and having a small balcony only adds to the challenge. Many outdoor tables have larger dimensions that are designed for those with more copious decks.

The Product. The Mercury Table is specifically created with tiny balconies in mind. From the tabletop to the legs, this little table will help you make the most of a small space. The tabletop isn’t symmetrical, but rather offers a rounded edge that slopes at an angle. In addition, the top is outfitted with holes that will keep the table from flipping in high winds. The legs are slender and curve inwards, which allows for chairs and their occupants to fit comfortably.

The Pitch. The video on Kickstarter is a little odd. The video content is viewed exclusively on a simulated old-school television frame. This leaves a lot of blank space on the sides, which is strange but not terrible. The film is narrated by the developers and relies mostly on drawings and one mock-up of the product. They are raising money to start production at local companies in Minnesota. They also included lots of diagrams about the product, both in the video and in the text description. The campaign is striving to raise $48,000.

The Perks. One challenge for the campaign of this pleasant enough little table is the reward tiers. Backers don’t receive a product until $359 for an aluminum version due in March 2014; that represents a supposed $60 discount versus retail. This seems to be a ridiculous price for a small, collapsible table until one sees that the stainless steel versions cost nearly $540 and up.

The Potential. The Mercury Table addresses a legitimate issue and does it in thoughtful style, but there’s nothing proprietary about making a small table, and for significantly less. It’s somewhat surprising that Attiture didn’t at least consider offering matching chairs. Perhaps the campaign will inspire makers of outdoor furniture will become more creative in their smaller table designs.