Personal Transportation

MovPak hybrid backpack/skateboard takes on the daily grind

Despite its novel premise that combined a bookbag with a skateboard, the original MovPak Kickstarter campaign failed to secure enough funding for production, halting the dream of a more mobile commute for its team. Two years, a few tweaks, improvements, and a move to Indiegogo later, the improved MovPak is back for a second round.

In terms of the basic idea, the MovPak hasn’t changed drastically. The sizable, 17-pound book bag still hides a retractable electric skateboard within that uses a brushless motor powered by a lithium-ion battery for movement. Together, users can remotely control MovPak to achieve speeds of up to 20mph for a 10-mile range per charge.

Luggage and Bags

GoBag gives clothes a squeeze to dodge luggage fees

Check or carry-on? With added charges and overages, more passengers are squeezing everything they can into those overhead bins.

The GoBag is a versatile bag designed with the journey in mind. The “Works” package includes the Max Pack Bag to pack clothes and other soft items. Then, by hand or vacuum, the bag compresses down for more carry-on space. There’s also an adaptable harness for a laptop, so it’s protected and easy to grab at security. The GoBag also features a clear “washbag” that detaches and slides right into the airport bins. The creators of the product ask $180 for “The Works”, and they are hoping to raise $70,392 by June 24th, 2015, with expected delivery in Oct 2015.

The GoBag brings the concept behind the long-available Space Bag to luggage. This rugged carry-on features zippers all around, so everything is easy to access on the go. Of course, if you need to pack things other than clothes that are easily compressible, it may have limited value.

Connected Objects Luggage and Bags

HiSmart bag integrates smartphone to provide cool functions on the go

Watches, ovens, thermostats, lawn sprinklers, it seems like everything is getting smart these days. Why shouldn’t bags join in on the fun?

HiSmart is a smart convertible bag that goes from messenger to backpack in just two seconds. Simply connect a smartphone to the bag and an external remote allows the wearer to accomplish a number of things. For instance, if the wearer wants to remember a certain location, they can pin that spot to a map to find it later. Music and camera controls are also accessible from the remote. HiSmart also makes hands free calling and recording notes or messages easy. In addition, it has a “Buddy System” feature that lets the HiSmart find a lost smartphone and a smartphone find a lost HiSmart.

All in all, HiSmart is a great product for commuters and other important business people who find themselves in motion a lot. It’s a bit unclear how the camera feature works, but everything else makes perfect sense and would definitely prove to be useful. Backers who want their own must donate $189 for delivery in August 2015. HiSmart is looking for $50,000 in funding on Indiegogo by April 15.

Organization Travel

McChi Luggage offers convenience for those on the go, makes airports more bearable

It’s been said that it’s not about the journey, but the destination. Well, most seasoned travelers would have to disagree. Actually trying to get somewhere, especially when air travel is involved, can be a huge pain.

McChi Luggage is a way for travelers to experience a bit more convenience than the airport has to offer. These bags not only hold stuff, but also convert into tabletops. This is especially useful, since airports always seem to lack flat surfaces to put stuff down on. McChi also features its very own USB charging station, perfect for phones and tablets. The luggage is made from either black or silver aluminum, and features two different table heights.

The creators of this luggage line, also the makers of the McChi Lock, have thought of two very important conveniences for travelers: tabletops and chargers. Both will surely make long trips much easier. This product is especially useful for sales or businesspeople who must remain organized in order to appear professional. Hopefully, the bags aren’t too heavy for travelers.

One will cost backers $240 for the carry-on model, and $260 for the mid-size model, with an expected delivery in July of this year. McChi hopes to raise $15,000 on Kickstarter by March 9.

Connected Objects Luggage and Bags

Trackase luggage offers GPS location services so you’ll never lose a bag again

One of the worst hassles of traveling is luggage. Some bags are expensive, but can barely hold up to a plane ride. Others are too heavy to tote around. And sometimes, even the perfect bag doesn’t prevent loss at an airport.

According to Trackase’s campaign, 21.8 million bags are mishandled each year. That’s why they’ve created a bag that will not only stand up to averse conditions, but one that also contains a tracker so the bag is never truly lost. Trackase is made from a type of plastic called polypropylene which is extremely durable. It can withstand temperatures up to 130°C and protects its contents from harmful chemicals. With a colorfast design, the bag won’t fade and can survive strong impact without falling apart.

The bag’s tracker uses cell phone towers to triangulate its position. There’s no need to fear about messing with the plane’s systems while in flight because the tracker only transmits a signal once the user’s cell phone is turned on. Using an accompanying app, it’s possible to see exactly where the bag is. This feature is especially helpful since some airports can take forever to locate a lost bag.

Luggage that can withstand the stress of travel is always welcome on the market. Not only does Trackase offer great design, versatile sizes and tracking capabilities, but it also offers peace of mind. One worry, however, is that the campaign doesn’t mention TSA regulations anywhere and claims that each bag has an internal locking system. Chances are, most airports won’t look kindly on a non-TSA approved lock. Still, backers can have their own super bag in the smallest carryon size for £160 (~$243). Trackase is hoping to raise £30,000 (~$45,500) on Kickstarter by early February.

Luggage and Bags

Versatile FUGU luggage expands from suitcase to large boxy roller

People love buying souvenirs when they travel. Bringing home gifts for friends and even items for yourself are great ways to remember your trip. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to remember that you can’t come back with more than you went with unless you have a bigger bag.

That’s where FUGU comes in. This suitcase looks like an average-sized rolling carry on bag. However, it zips out and more than doubles in size. In one step, this bag transforms from the maximum carry on bag size to the maximum checked bag size. This way, you can take home a lot more than you started out with if you’d like. FUGU also boasts utility as a table. When stood up, the top zips off to reveal a hard surface that you can use for a variety of things. It also comes with a removable laptop case for all those business trips you may have to take. In addition, FUGU saves space in your home. Most large suitcases are bulky and take up a lot of room, but not FUGU. Depending on what backers vote, FUGU will come in four different colors, still to be determined.

This beefed up bag is a great concept, to be sure. The space-saving aspect of the suitcase makes it great for anyone with limited storage. Otherwise, FUGU really only makes sense in a situation where one would bring back a lot of stuff from a trip. Backers can get their very own for a donation of $295 by August 2015, provided the Kickstarter campaign hits its goal of $50,000.

Luggage and Bags

College students rejoice as Urban Rucksack marries laundry bag and backpack

College students and young professionals don’t always have the luxury of laundry facilities in their own homes. Oftentimes, they have to lug their dirty clothes to shoddy laundromats or home to mom and dad. Urban Rucksack was designed to be the ultimate laundry caddy, eschewing the traditional basket or hamper format. With pockets for detergent and fabric softeners, Urban Rucksack can hold up to three loads of laundry. The bag can be held on your back or horizontally like a briefcase. To get hands, or backs, on this product, backers can donate $49 for estimated delivery in January 2015. Urban Rucksack hopes to raise $3,500 with the help of Kickstarter.

The normal hamper/laundry bag design is certainly flawed. Either they come with flimsy handles or must be carried like sacks by the drawstring. Urban Rucksack takes the simple need and fills it with a well thought out solution.

Luggage and Bags Organization

SpekPack is a one-bag solution for outdoor events

SpekPackWhen going to a fun event outside, it’s always necessary to bring along extra equipment to make yourself more comfortable. Hauling all of this stuff can be a huge pain, though. SpekPack has room for pretty much anything. This giant pack features a cooler, wheels, tripod legs, and a compartment for chairs, golf clubs and umbrellas. The fully loaded version comes with two chairs and an umbrella for shading the sun. While this bag seems quite versatile, it seems like it’d be quite heavy to carry when fully packed. One SpekPack costs backers $199 for delivery in February 2015. SpekPack is look to raise $12,000 in 45 days on Kickstarter.

Luggage and Bags

Duffel-pack hybrid claims to be light as Aer

AerFor anyone with a busy lifestyle, multipurpose items are the way to go. However, most office workers carry two bags to work, one for laptops and files and the other for gym accessories for an after work gym visit. The Aer duffel bag makes it possible to carry everything in one neat package. This bag features a ventilated shoe pocket for sneakers, a secure case for carry around a laptop and a quick-access section for pens, phones, and other smaller items. While the creators have done a nice job of combining a backpack and duffel bag, the Aer still seems a little bulky to carry around. One Aer will cost backers $129 on Kickstarter. Aer has a campaign goal of $45,000.

Fashion Luggage and Bags

FaceOff bag has replaceable flaps so it’s always your bag

FaceOffPeople function in many different roles throughout their day. Whether they’re doing sports, hanging with friends or going to a meeting, it’s essential to have the right accessories for each persona. The FaceOff messenger bag offers a way to carry the same bag around for different purposes and comes in several different colors. It has several flaps for varied occasions that can be changed out easily. All of your stuff remains in the bag, but the style of the bag changes either with a more formal business flap, a reflective flap for cycling or a utility flap with extra pockets. For $116, backers will receive one bag with two flaps of their choice by September 2014. FaceOff hopes to raise $36,000 in a 35-day Kickstarter campaign.