DVa shoes let feet rock out in different styles for ultimate fashion statement

Many people have too many shoes. Pairs upon pairs all offering something different, whether it be a different function or a completely different style altogether.

DVa is a two-in-one shoe that offers multiple styles all in one. The shoes feature holes, tops, Velcro panels, and laces that can all be combined or removed to produce different styles. Some styles offer a boat shoe look while others present more of a sneaker aesthetic. The shoes come in either back or yellow, with black and brown being the options for the laces.

DVa (perhaps to sound like diva?) offers versatility and function. The shoes work for either women or men and look like a basic canvas sneaker, a popular style these days. That said, the execution of this particular product is lacking. No matter what formation the shoe can be turned into, the result is never very attractive. One pair of DVas will cost backers $38 for delivery in May 2015, provided the product can meet its $15,000 Indiegogo goal by April 4, 2015.

Connected Objects Watches and Jewelry

Tago Arc bracelet uses E-ink to switch up its designs

Jewelry is so 20th century. Lately, though, many wearables have come onto the scene looking to link style up with technology. Most of these wearables serve a purpose, acting as smartphone notifiers or fitness bands, but not many focus on style which is the whole point of jewelry in the first place.

Tago Arc combines jewelry with technology for the sake of fashion. This bracelet features an E Ink surface, the same stuff used by e-readers, which allows its design to be changed on a whim. From the accompanying smartphone app, the wearer can choose from a myriad of black and white designs. The smartphone simply needs to be held close to the bracelet for it to change. Tago Arc even lets wearers upload their own images for use.

While this is certainly a novelty, it’s a fun one, especially for purchase by or as a gift for women. The customization option is especially appealing. Interested backers can have one of their own for $149 with delivery in December 2015. Tago Arc is looking to raise $40,000 on Indiegogo with a stretch goal of $100,000.


Hook Me Up provides scratching relief for those with weaves

Many women weren’t born with the luscious locks of, say, a Farah Fawcett type. As such, there are many options for taming that do’ including braiding, chemical straightening, wigs and the ever-popular weave. A weave, for those who don’t know, is when the original hair is tightly braided and pieces of fake hair are woven through these braids to create a longer, straighter look. Weaves look great, but can be itchy, somewhat painful, and hard to remove without professional help.

The Hook Me Up is a tool for those women who sport a weave. On one end is a small hook, slightly resembling a crochet hook. With this end, women can undo their weave on their own and remove the thread holding everything together. It also features a razor inside of the hook that can cut through thread if need be. Removing the hook unveils a small straight metal rod. This can be used to scratch underneath the weave without damaging the quality of the hairstyle.

The other side of this little tool is a two-pronged fork. This is for the knot starting each weaved row, which, according to the campaign, is the tightest and most difficult knot to undo. By wiggling the fork in there, it becomes much easier to undo the knot.

For the scores of women with weaves, this little tool is just the thing. It’s small and completely portable. Not to mention that it provides relief for the common itching problem that goes along with weaves. One can be had by backers for a donation of $150 for estimated delivery in July 2015. Hook Me Up is hoping to raise $13,500 on Kickstarter by mid-February.


OOO Hair Ties keep hair stylin’ cryin’ to a minimum

Thick hair can be something of a double-edged sword. While it looks great worn down, pulling it back into a ponytail can mean some pretty intense scalp pain when it’s time to take the holder out. That’s why OOO Hair Ties were created. Their spiral shape keeps hair out of one’s face, allowing for stylishness, and best of all, not causing pain upon removal.

While SwirliDo, Alice and Stretchy Telephone Wire Cords have a pretty identical design compared with OOO Hair Ties, one neat feature that sets these apart from other hair ties is that when they lose their springiness, one just needs to pour hot water over them and then they shrink back to their original size. There is both a kid’s version (come with OOOnimal charms) and adult version of the product. Multiple color options are also available. This campaign seeks to raise $18,000 by December 24, 2014. For $25, backers get two packages with an expected delivery of December 2014.

Fashion Luggage and Bags

FaceOff bag has replaceable flaps so it’s always your bag

FaceOffPeople function in many different roles throughout their day. Whether they’re doing sports, hanging with friends or going to a meeting, it’s essential to have the right accessories for each persona. The FaceOff messenger bag offers a way to carry the same bag around for different purposes and comes in several different colors. It has several flaps for varied occasions that can be changed out easily. All of your stuff remains in the bag, but the style of the bag changes either with a more formal business flap, a reflective flap for cycling or a utility flap with extra pockets. For $116, backers will receive one bag with two flaps of their choice by September 2014. FaceOff hopes to raise $36,000 in a 35-day Kickstarter campaign.