DVa shoes let feet rock out in different styles for ultimate fashion statement

Many people have too many shoes. Pairs upon pairs all offering something different, whether it be a different function or a completely different style altogether.

DVa is a two-in-one shoe that offers multiple styles all in one. The shoes feature holes, tops, Velcro panels, and laces that can all be combined or removed to produce different styles. Some styles offer a boat shoe look while others present more of a sneaker aesthetic. The shoes come in either back or yellow, with black and brown being the options for the laces.

DVa (perhaps to sound like diva?) offers versatility and function. The shoes work for either women or men and look like a basic canvas sneaker, a popular style these days. That said, the execution of this particular product is lacking. No matter what formation the shoe can be turned into, the result is never very attractive. One pair of DVas will cost backers $38 for delivery in May 2015, provided the product can meet its $15,000 Indiegogo goal by April 4, 2015.

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