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SizeGenie grants shoppers’ wishes when their clothing sizes are needed

It would be great to have a device on hand that could tell a consumer what their correct clothing size is – especially when ordering products online and there’s no tailor around to take measurements.

patent-claimedSizeGenie is a low-cost 3D body scanner that does exactly that and aims to put an end to buying ill-fitting clothes that must be returned. The device uses patent-pending scanning technology that combines infrared sensors and cameras to obtain a 3D form of the person using it. That form is then further refined to arrive at a series of precise measurements that are shown in inches and centimeters.


Cogito Fit takes on geeky smartwatch competitors with style, simplicity and savings

Think wearables and the smartwatch inevitably springs to mind. With us firmly in the age of the Apple Watch, entrenched stalwarts like the Moto 360 and the Pebble are fighting to stay within the public eye through innovative offerings and novel form factors. All this going on doesn’t mean new ideas can’t spring up, though.

The Cogito Fit attempts to tack on a bit more functionality to a basic smartwatch without resorting to daily charging . Billing itself as the first fashion-forward connected watch on the market, the device not only looks good but also addresses a few limitations of high-end devices. Cogito offers a face with LED icons for basic notifications, straps in a few colors, and a bezel that can be swapped depending on preference.

Feature wise, the Cogito Fit functions like most other smartwatches in its notification capabilities, and when its done alerting someone to what e-mails, SMS, calls, and social media updates they have, a light activity tracker also tracks steps.


DVa shoes let feet rock out in different styles for ultimate fashion statement

Many people have too many shoes. Pairs upon pairs all offering something different, whether it be a different function or a completely different style altogether.

DVa is a two-in-one shoe that offers multiple styles all in one. The shoes feature holes, tops, Velcro panels, and laces that can all be combined or removed to produce different styles. Some styles offer a boat shoe look while others present more of a sneaker aesthetic. The shoes come in either back or yellow, with black and brown being the options for the laces.

DVa (perhaps to sound like diva?) offers versatility and function. The shoes work for either women or men and look like a basic canvas sneaker, a popular style these days. That said, the execution of this particular product is lacking. No matter what formation the shoe can be turned into, the result is never very attractive. One pair of DVas will cost backers $38 for delivery in May 2015, provided the product can meet its $15,000 Indiegogo goal by April 4, 2015.

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Tago Arc bracelet uses E-ink to switch up its designs

Jewelry is so 20th century. Lately, though, many wearables have come onto the scene looking to link style up with technology. Most of these wearables serve a purpose, acting as smartphone notifiers or fitness bands, but not many focus on style which is the whole point of jewelry in the first place.

Tago Arc combines jewelry with technology for the sake of fashion. This bracelet features an E Ink surface, the same stuff used by e-readers, which allows its design to be changed on a whim. From the accompanying smartphone app, the wearer can choose from a myriad of black and white designs. The smartphone simply needs to be held close to the bracelet for it to change. Tago Arc even lets wearers upload their own images for use.

While this is certainly a novelty, it’s a fun one, especially for purchase by or as a gift for women. The customization option is especially appealing. Interested backers can have one of their own for $149 with delivery in December 2015. Tago Arc is looking to raise $40,000 on Indiegogo with a stretch goal of $100,000.

Connected Objects

‘On’ smart tape hugs all your curves for accurate measurements

Shopping online is one of the simple joys that this day and age has been able to offer so many. With one click, pretty much anything can be delivered to the doorstep within as little as a day. Where this model falls flat is the purchase of clothing, a traditionally risky online buy, since no standard exists across between all companies. This means that a small here isn’t necessarily a small there, and this leads can lead to confusion, mistakes, and orders being repackaged and sent back—all of which takes time, and generally makes the process unpleasant.

By combining their expertise in fashion and tech, XYZE Fashion has created the On digital measuring tape. With up to 160cm of circular tape, this Bluetooth connected device makes it easy for users to keep accurate body measurements in their own personal XYZE Size ID. This profile compares the saved measurements against each brand individually to suggest the best fitting garments using a proprietary algorithm and a companion app. As a result, online shoppers needn’t worry about their choices any longer and can expect garments that fit right out of the box. The €60,000 (~$68,000) campaign is looking to have the €59 (~$67) product shipped by May of this year.

On is a truly unique product that has gained lots of attention recently for its simple design and effective solution to a thorny problem. Measuring tape has always been available, but incorporating something automatic that can guide a user to spot-on measurements is invaluable, especially when considering its 3V, 48 month battery life. What remains to be seen is how many brands it can actually recognize, but chances are that fashionistas along with clothing designers will really enjoy On’s ease of use.


Lume sunglasses glow in the dark for those who wear their sunglasses at night

Made from Swiss watch technology and balanced titanium the Lume is a pair of extremely durable sunglasses that do not break easily and combine fashion with firmness. The logo of the glasses is white during the day and will glow teal in the dark. Most people wear their sunglasses during the day but maybe the glow-in-the-dark feature will help a user find them at night during spring cleaning.

Features of the Lume include: “DarkShine Glow Technology,” titanium arms, matte black protective armor coating (and claims to be as strong as a titanium drill bit), rear weighted balance, light lenses, polarization, hydrophobic technology (which means they are water-repellant), laser etching, acetate frames, and a protective hard case.

Lume sunglasses look great and are hard to break. Some users may enjoy the glow-in-the-dark feature. However, it seems a little odd to add a night only feature to something usually only used during daytime. Backers that pledge $90 get a pair. Lume is looking to raise $3,000 in its campaign.

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Mod-to-Order custom watches courts creative customer creations

Mod-to-Order 8d589225d6b5dc052920681375297ad4_large[1]If you could design your own watch, what would you put on it? That’s the preface for Mod-to-Order watches. The modular time pieces are designed with interchangeable straps and faces. But Mod-to-Order’s aim is to take that one step further and allow their customers to put anything on the face that they want and combine it with the strap of their choice. While there are multiple options out there for interchangeable watch sets, something that’s custom-designed and also inexpensive is not presently available to the public. For $25, backers get one tan Mod-to-Order watch face along with two straps, a green and a black. Expected delivery is June 2014.