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Mod-to-Order custom watches courts creative customer creations

Mod-to-Order 8d589225d6b5dc052920681375297ad4_large[1]If you could design your own watch, what would you put on it? That’s the preface for Mod-to-Order watches. The modular time pieces are designed with interchangeable straps and faces. But Mod-to-Order’s aim is to take that one step further and allow their customers to put anything on the face that they want and combine it with the strap of their choice. While there are multiple options out there for interchangeable watch sets, something that’s custom-designed and also inexpensive is not presently available to the public. For $25, backers get one tan Mod-to-Order watch face along with two straps, a green and a black. Expected delivery is June 2014.

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