Kindling maker chops wood in half, may leave full amount of hassle

KindlingMakerHere’s a tool to help mini-lumberjacks looking to tap their inner Paul Bunyan, or at least ease th task of building up the firewood reserve. Sure, getting kindling is a pain, but you certainly don’t need to carry around a big piece equipment for it. Especially when the guy who designed the so-called “Kindling Maker” struggled to make it work right on his own Kickstarter video.  It seems clunky and not at all easy to use. Honestly, it’s probably easier to just whack it with the axe. Gizmodo features the Mr. Quicksplit, which is a similar device, but neither one seems to be overly efficient. However, those who do choose to invest in the Kindling Maker can back $99 and expect shipment in May 2014.

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