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Glow Away may help kids scare off the boogeyman

Convincing kids to sleep in their own bed when they are afraid of the dark is a borderline impossible task. Indeed, many parents consistently and actively seek out solutions designed to keep their little ones under their own covers and sound asleep through the night.

Glow Away is one such solution. Glow Away consists of glow in the dark bedding coupled with a 20 page illustrated storybook. The main character in the book teaches kids a mysterious spell. Then, the spell “magically” appears atop of the covers, in glow in the dark form, when the lights are turned off. Kids are led to believe that the spell is very real, with the glow in the dark blanket serving as irrefutable proof.

While some may see this as creative, the product arguably cheats parents of the opportunity to teach their children about legitimate tools that they can use to deal with fear. VeggieTales DVDs and books offer more solid solutions as both convey learning foundations that extend beyond childhood. Other creative sleep items for kids include Nap Time and Dreamphones. This campaign seeks to raise $20,000 by April 4, 2015. For $129, backers get a Glow Away book along with a coordinated fitted sheet or two pillow cases.


Glow illuminates the beat of your favorite jams while you wear them

It’s amazing how easy it has become to have one’s favorite music available wherever one happens to be. Choice gadgets make it possible to have hundreds of songs available at the touch of a button, and Glow is offering an interesting way to add to one’s music experience.

The device’s laser light earbud wires can be synchronized to one’s favorite jams, or even one’s own heartbeat. It includes five buttons that allow the user to control their music through an Android or iOS app, as well as access apps such as Google Play, YouTube, and Spotify. The negative profile setting allows user to take a nap with their headphones on, and an in-ear design significantly reduces outside noise. The laser light earbud wires will certainly make for an interesting conversation starter when meeting new people. Music lovers might especially enjoy this product for its purportedly crisp sound.

This campaign seeks to raise $100,000 by March 13. For $149, backers get one set of earbuds with an expected delivery in July of this year.


Lume sunglasses glow in the dark for those who wear their sunglasses at night

Made from Swiss watch technology and balanced titanium the Lume is a pair of extremely durable sunglasses that do not break easily and combine fashion with firmness. The logo of the glasses is white during the day and will glow teal in the dark. Most people wear their sunglasses during the day but maybe the glow-in-the-dark feature will help a user find them at night during spring cleaning.

Features of the Lume include: “DarkShine Glow Technology,” titanium arms, matte black protective armor coating (and claims to be as strong as a titanium drill bit), rear weighted balance, light lenses, polarization, hydrophobic technology (which means they are water-repellant), laser etching, acetate frames, and a protective hard case.

Lume sunglasses look great and are hard to break. Some users may enjoy the glow-in-the-dark feature. However, it seems a little odd to add a night only feature to something usually only used during daytime. Backers that pledge $90 get a pair. Lume is looking to raise $3,000 in its campaign.


Throw Glow could turn your next touchdown dance into a rave

Throw GlowWho wants to play some football? Unless you’re on an organized team in a league, you may not have the privilege of battling for the gridiron on a lit-up field. Throw Glow seeks to make your nighttime pigskin escapades more enjoyable via an iridescent condom that envelops nearly all of the football. A side benefit, according to the humor-attempting video, is that the surface is supposed to make the spheroid easier to grip. Throw Glow covers take about 30 seconds to stretch over the ball and inventor Chris Pike has designs on attracting licensed graphics to adorn the covers. If you’re ready to toss out about $12 to the campaign, your football may be ready to rule the night by April 2014.