Lume sunglasses glow in the dark for those who wear their sunglasses at night

Made from Swiss watch technology and balanced titanium the Lume is a pair of extremely durable sunglasses that do not break easily and combine fashion with firmness. The logo of the glasses is white during the day and will glow teal in the dark. Most people wear their sunglasses during the day but maybe the glow-in-the-dark feature will help a user find them at night during spring cleaning.

Features of the Lume include: “DarkShine Glow Technology,” titanium arms, matte black protective armor coating (and claims to be as strong as a titanium drill bit), rear weighted balance, light lenses, polarization, hydrophobic technology (which means they are water-repellant), laser etching, acetate frames, and a protective hard case.

Lume sunglasses look great and are hard to break. Some users may enjoy the glow-in-the-dark feature. However, it seems a little odd to add a night only feature to something usually only used during daytime. Backers that pledge $90 get a pair. Lume is looking to raise $3,000 in its campaign.


Maii folds up reading glasses into a slick pocketable package

Once you gets to the point where you’re willing to admit that reading glasses are necessary, you then must face the issue of how inconvenient they are and how frequently they end up getting lost. Maii is attempting to take the “old” stigma (but not the astigmatism) out of needing reading glasses by attempting to make them not only somewhat trendy, but also fold up in such a way so that a case is no longer necessary. The titanium frames will certainly last if they don’t get lost. While these glasses can be worn like a necklace, so can standard reading glasses. However, the average person usually doesn’t have the desire to do that. Nowadays, there are many styles of reading glasses available in many different stores, and they are very inexpensive, but admittedly, the frames are not made of titanium and are not flexible. This campaign seeks to raise €100,000 (~$124, 600 USD) by December 20, 2014. Early bird backer get one product for €299 (~$373 USD), with expected delivery in June 2015.

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GeniusStrap helps you keep it all together

GeniusStrap 2048b5781918508aa766c6b7e926efbf_large[1]Aaah, the things that inspire. Nothing like a first child to make parents spazz out about dirty shoelaces and other assorted germy items. But a first child is indeed the inspiration for GeniusStrap according to the video. Then the second one comes along and is lucky if the pacifier even gets washed off after hitting the floor and laying there for a week. Nevertheless, GeniusStrap has multiple uses beyond just locking up shoelaces. The rubber strip with its holes and balled ends stretches and locks into place for use with bundling items, condensing, toting, securing, ponytail holder, even finger exercises. While there are shoelace locks out there, including some crowdfunded ones , GeniusStrap seems to have far more versatility. For $16, a backer gets a set of GeniusStraps (8 pieces) and an expected delivery of Aug 2014.