Shnap + Laces lets you run your race without falling on your face

Stopping an exercise routine, or even stopping in the middle of a race, in order to tie one’s shoes can be extremely inconvenient and frustrating. For that matter, stopping to tie one’s shoes even during the middle of the day can be an annoyance.

Shnap + Laces aims to resolve that. The product works by attaching a button to the end of each shoelace and subsequently inserting a ball stud in the upper eyelets of one’s shoe. Next, a retainer clip locks the ball stud into place. Conveniently, the laces then snap into place and remain out of your way for the duration of the day. The product presents a nice alternative for those who don’t want to fuss with double knotting their shoestrings.

Notably, Shnap + Laces isn’t just limited to shoes. It also works with drawstring shorts and pants. What’s more, it can even be mounted to a wall and used to help keep track of any item on a lanyard or keychain.

The campaign seeks to raise $9000 by March 28, 2015. Early bird backers get one pair for $10 with an expected delivery window of April 2015.

Lastly, users interested in Shnap & Laces might also want to check out Powerlace. And for an artsy storage solution for large shoe collections, Sole Stacks is certainly an option worth exploring.


Innie prevents shoelaces and bows from going outie

Innie  693dd55634770cdd021e49c0d0ef7fe5_large[1]So you’re running behind for an important meeting and walking at a pretty brisk pace. You notice that one of your shoes feels loose and look down. That stupid shoe lace has come untied again! Innie offers the opportunity to get those laces under control. The small plastic clip that looks a bit like a colorful razor blade attaches to your shoe’s laces from the inside. Since it sits between the tongue and inside of your shoe, you remain comfortable and it remains invisible. A few similar ideas include Wudzs Snap On, Zipped, and Hickies. If you’re opposed to double knotting your shoes and hate tying too, this could work well for you. For $10 AUD, a backer gets two packs of Innies and an expected delivery of July 2014.

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GeniusStrap helps you keep it all together

GeniusStrap 2048b5781918508aa766c6b7e926efbf_large[1]Aaah, the things that inspire. Nothing like a first child to make parents spazz out about dirty shoelaces and other assorted germy items. But a first child is indeed the inspiration for GeniusStrap according to the video. Then the second one comes along and is lucky if the pacifier even gets washed off after hitting the floor and laying there for a week. Nevertheless, GeniusStrap has multiple uses beyond just locking up shoelaces. The rubber strip with its holes and balled ends stretches and locks into place for use with bundling items, condensing, toting, securing, ponytail holder, even finger exercises. While there are shoelace locks out there, including some crowdfunded ones , GeniusStrap seems to have far more versatility. For $16, a backer gets a set of GeniusStraps (8 pieces) and an expected delivery of Aug 2014.


ZIPPED braces your laces, makes tying less trying

The Premise. Lace-up sneakers can take awhile to get on and off. Some people are too lazy to untie their shoes and opt to slip their shoes on and off, but this creates friction at the back of the sneaker. Because of this, their shoes end up wearing out quickly.

The Product. ZIPPED offers custom-made zippers that attach easily onto lace-up sneakers. The product resembles a narrow piece of cloth with eyelets on the side and a zipper in the middle. Instead of having the laces cross as they do normally, they stay on one side and ascend up the eyelets of the ZIPPED. ZIPPED com, ultimately being knotted solo. The product comes in different styles, shapes, patterns and colors.

The Pitch. ZIPPED’s Indiegogo campaign is rather sparse, but shows the different styles that ZIPPED can be ordered in, along with a guide for how to get the proper measurements for a custom ZIPPED that will fit. The video compares take shoes on and off with and without the ZIPPED and shows how much time using ZIPPED saves. ZIPPED has  low goal of $2,500 for their 60 day campaign. More information can be found on the company’s Web site.

The Perks. Early-bird backers can enjoy a pair of ZIPPED in their choice of color and style for only $10. At a regular rate, ZIPPED costs $16. Reward tiers go all the way up to $250. Current availability is set at June 2014.

The Potential. Any product that appeals to the most basic of human instincts, laziness, is always welcome on the market. A similar product called Hickies had huge success on Kickstarter a year and a half ago, raising six times its intended goal. Hickies uses stretchy connectors in lieu of shoelaces, making putting shoes on and off that much easier. Lock Laces are another product aimed at battling the evil shoelace and are less expensive than ZIPPED. It’s easy to see how the ZIPPEDs might not look so pretty with age, but , once you’re done threading it, it presents an intuitive and colorful option for the lace-averse.