Innie prevents shoelaces and bows from going outie

Innie  693dd55634770cdd021e49c0d0ef7fe5_large[1]So you’re running behind for an important meeting and walking at a pretty brisk pace. You notice that one of your shoes feels loose and look down. That stupid shoe lace has come untied again! Innie offers the opportunity to get those laces under control. The small plastic clip that looks a bit like a colorful razor blade attaches to your shoe’s laces from the inside. Since it sits between the tongue and inside of your shoe, you remain comfortable and it remains invisible. A few similar ideas include Wudzs Snap On, Zipped, and Hickies. If you’re opposed to double knotting your shoes and hate tying too, this could work well for you. For $10 AUD, a backer gets two packs of Innies and an expected delivery of July 2014.

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