Glow illuminates the beat of your favorite jams while you wear them

It’s amazing how easy it has become to have one’s favorite music available wherever one happens to be. Choice gadgets make it possible to have hundreds of songs available at the touch of a button, and Glow is offering an interesting way to add to one’s music experience.

The device’s laser light earbud wires can be synchronized to one’s favorite jams, or even one’s own heartbeat. It includes five buttons that allow the user to control their music through an Android or iOS app, as well as access apps such as Google Play, YouTube, and Spotify. The negative profile setting allows user to take a nap with their headphones on, and an in-ear design significantly reduces outside noise. The laser light earbud wires will certainly make for an interesting conversation starter when meeting new people. Music lovers might especially enjoy this product for its purportedly crisp sound.

This campaign seeks to raise $100,000 by March 13. For $149, backers get one set of earbuds with an expected delivery in July of this year.

Cell Phone Accessories

iPin laser pointer fits into iPhone; points at presentations for you

Giving informative presentations is an important skill to have. Many offices and school environments require presentation skills in order to succeed. However, crouching over laptops in order to control the slides isn’t always ideal.

IPin fits directly into your iPhone’s headphone jack. When switched on, it emits a laser pointer to use for presentations. With an accompanying app, iPin lets you control any presentation from your own phone. Swipe left to continue to the next slide, right to go back, and up to produce a cursor to play videos or interact with the presentation. The pin is tiny and discreet as it sits in the phone.

All in all, the iPin is a nifty little product for iPhone users who give public talks a lot. It’s a bit small, meaning that there’s risk of it getting lost, but most know how to keep track of their various iPhone accoutrement. The one drawback is that the iPin is not compatible with the new iPhone 6 Plus, a pretty big oversight. Still, for those interested, their own can be had for $49 with an estimated delivery date of December 2014. IPin is looking to raise $10,000 on Indiegogo.

Connected Objects Pets

Kittyo keeps your cat fed and entertained, hits paws on the remote

The Premise. For many people, pets are not simply animals taking up space in their houses while furring everything up, but are really members of the family. Leaving them for a week-long vacation or even a day at work can be sad. Unlike humans, pets can’t simply pick up the phone to talk which leaves the question: how do you interact with your pets when you’re away?

The Product. Kittyo is a device that lets you play with your cat when you’re not at home. This compact product dispenses treats, comes with a laser for your cat to play with, and has a speaker and camera so that you can watch and talk to your cat. Using wi-fi and an iOS or Android app, pet owners can interact with their pets in real time to control the laser and treat dispenser. Kittyo is roughly the size of a coffee grinder and comes with a shelf mount to keep it from getting knocked over by hungry kitties.

The Pitch. The video shows a bunch of cat people talking about how excited they are for Kittyo. It also shows the device in action, featuring a woman on her phone watching her cat chase around the laser that she’s controlling, pretty cool. The creators talk about how Kittyo is great for engaging fat cats that could use some exercise, which makes sense. The rest of the campaign shows the specs of the dispenser along with cute, irresistible kitten photos. Kittyo needs has a $30,000 goal for its 32-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. Kittyo’s creators offer two early-bird specials of $99 and $119. The Kickstarter standard price of $139 is $50 less than the expected retail price of Kittyo. All tiers have an estimated delivery date of November 2014.

The Potential. Cat people will do just about anything to interact with their pets while they’re away. Recently the market has been flooded with these types of devices that use wi-fi to interact with cats. PetPal and iCPooch also let users talk to and watch their cats while away. Some focus simply on the dispensing of treats or food, like PETLY and Pintofeed. Kittyo is the first of these devices that have the added laser option which actually lets people play with their cats when they’re out of the house which is fairly cool. The price of Kittyo is also on the lower end of these products, which makes it that much more attractive. All in all, the Kittyo’s awesomeness will have backers thinking the product is the cat’s meow.