Connected Objects

‘On’ smart tape hugs all your curves for accurate measurements

Shopping online is one of the simple joys that this day and age has been able to offer so many. With one click, pretty much anything can be delivered to the doorstep within as little as a day. Where this model falls flat is the purchase of clothing, a traditionally risky online buy, since no standard exists across between all companies. This means that a small here isn’t necessarily a small there, and this leads can lead to confusion, mistakes, and orders being repackaged and sent back—all of which takes time, and generally makes the process unpleasant.

By combining their expertise in fashion and tech, XYZE Fashion has created the On digital measuring tape. With up to 160cm of circular tape, this Bluetooth connected device makes it easy for users to keep accurate body measurements in their own personal XYZE Size ID. This profile compares the saved measurements against each brand individually to suggest the best fitting garments using a proprietary algorithm and a companion app. As a result, online shoppers needn’t worry about their choices any longer and can expect garments that fit right out of the box. The €60,000 (~$68,000) campaign is looking to have the €59 (~$67) product shipped by May of this year.

On is a truly unique product that has gained lots of attention recently for its simple design and effective solution to a thorny problem. Measuring tape has always been available, but incorporating something automatic that can guide a user to spot-on measurements is invaluable, especially when considering its 3V, 48 month battery life. What remains to be seen is how many brands it can actually recognize, but chances are that fashionistas along with clothing designers will really enjoy On’s ease of use.