OOO Hair Ties keep hair stylin’ cryin’ to a minimum

Thick hair can be something of a double-edged sword. While it looks great worn down, pulling it back into a ponytail can mean some pretty intense scalp pain when it’s time to take the holder out. That’s why OOO Hair Ties were created. Their spiral shape keeps hair out of one’s face, allowing for stylishness, and best of all, not causing pain upon removal.

While SwirliDo, Alice and Stretchy Telephone Wire Cords have a pretty identical design compared with OOO Hair Ties, one neat feature that sets these apart from other hair ties is that when they lose their springiness, one just needs to pour hot water over them and then they shrink back to their original size. There is both a kid’s version (come with OOOnimal charms) and adult version of the product. Multiple color options are also available. This campaign seeks to raise $18,000 by December 24, 2014. For $25, backers get two packages with an expected delivery of December 2014.

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