The BU Desk lets you create your own desk space

It’s reminiscent of those old typing tables from the days before computers. Except that The BU Desk offers more versatility and has a more esthetically appealing design. BU Desk allows users to customize their desk for their specific needs. Besides functioning as a standard desk, it can also work as an elevated drawing board, easel, offer a duel computer monitor space, function as a social space for games, or a place to gather for small group meetings. In addition, it folds up to be stored away easily.

The dimensions of the desk are not clearly indicated, and it looks as though it may need to be secured to a wall rather than being self-standing, making it much less convenient. Backers may also want to check out the Zestdesk portable desk, Lappito, and iTray campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise €35,000 (~$43,600) by December 24, 2014. Backers can get the basic kit for €165 (~$210). Larger contributions get more options. Expected delivery is May 2015.

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