The Nomad Shadow Leaf leaves you made in the shade

The importance of proper protection from the sun at the beach cannot be understated. While it’s easy to have a good time and lose sight of protecting the body, most people usually apply some sun tan lotion once or twice, and call it a day. Others keep themselves under large, unstable umbrellas that are too small for the entire family and prone to being knocked over or blown away by strong winds.

Thanks to the magic of crowdfunding, even the beachside umbrella is due for a complete overhaul. Leaf for Life’s Nomad Shadow Leaf is that overhaul — a lightweight, portable sun shade with a wide variety of clever features for more beachside comfort. One of the parasol’s defining features is its anti-fungal, water-repellent canopy that uses a tensioning system to instantly open by simply unravelling it. When fully opened, the canopy seems small but is designed to sit at an angle that produces a larger area of shade.

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Oombrella senses the weather, won’t let umbrella loss rain on your parade

Umbrellas are handy to have when it’s raining, but many consumers wind up needing to replace them after leaving them behind in a taxi, on a train, in a restaurant or many other places.

Oombrella is a smart umbrella that alerts users about impending rain and also lets them know if they are about to leave it behind. The device collects real-time data including temperature, pressure, humidity and light. The electronic capsule at the end of it includes sensors that communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy technology, allowing users to know if there is an incoming call or other notification.

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Raincheck’s smart, artful design puts other umbrella stands in check

Rain and snow: the city slicker’s most hated enemies. Everything becomes just a little bit harder when either enters the picture, which is why getting caught unprepared is the epitome of a bad day. Designer Nick Jonas’ (not that oneRaincheck is an umbrella stand with a touch of smarts to ensure that never happens.

The product is comprised of beautifully lacquered, dark walnut wood sculpted into a tall, rectangular stand perfect for a few umbrellas. What makes Raincheck special are the eight dots of light installed within that are connected to Wi-Fi that are constantly updated on the weather.


Pool Buoy lets you swim in the shade with your cool lemonade

One of the best ways to beat the heat on those hot, humid and sultry summer days is to go swimming. At the same time, it’s important to keep one’s skin from getting burnt in the sweltering summer sun.

The Pool Buoy floating umbrella is an interesting product which doesn’t just offer some extra shade, but also a convenient spot for you to keep your cool glass of lemonade handy. The Pool Buoy incorporates a weighted design that helps keep it upright in the water even in the face of wind and moderate waves. The pole for the umbrella is made out of strong aluminum while the umbrella itself is made out of ABS plastic for enhanced durability. The product measures 7 feet across and comes with five cup holders for easy access.

Overall, the Pool Buoy seems like a product capable fostering relaxation to an already lazy day at the pool. Summer-loving backers might also like to check out Hydropacer, Aqua-100, and Towel’on. The Pool Buoy campaign seeks to raise $75,000 by April 3, 2015. Early bird backers can pick up one product for $120 with an expected delivery of May 2015.

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Nubrella keeps you dry and in the hood at all times

We’ve all been there. Stuck outside walking on a windy rainy night with a flimsy Dollar Store umbrella. Then, a gust of wind surges through, soaking us to the bone and annihilating that cheap umbrella. After that, only a soggy newspaper can provide relief.

Introducing Nubrella. A wearable inversion proof, hands-free umbrella designed to never fail. Worn like a backpack, the umbrella goes up and down much like a hood would. The back part is black, while the front is clear. The front part comes down to cover the face for full protection against the rain, or any other liquid for that matter. Reinforced to withstand strong winds, the canopy is also designed in such a way that wind can’t get underneath it to invert.

While this product looks absolutely ridiculous, it is still a great idea. The typical umbrella model is definitely flawed and it’s about time someone tried to improve it. Complete with a Steve Jobs quote, the Indiegogo campaign is seeking to raise $10,000. Backers can have their very own Nubrella for $49 with estimated delivery just in time for April showers.


No More Umbrella Stand won’t get upturned

No More Umbrella StandThis product seems to have more of a commercial focus than a residential one, but it does have some potential for both markets. No More Umbrella Stand can be anchored directly to the ground, which may actually make for a safer umbrella product. It’s not clear if the mounts are removable  and can then be remounted in another location, but it does appear to offer a good source of shade in settings such as patios, outdoor retail events, some spectator sporting events, and camping to name a few. For $100 CAD backers get one product with an expected delivery of February 2015.


Lolli-Simone umbrella contains the rain for dry floors

Lolli-SimoneUmbrellas keep rain off of us, but that same repelled rain sticks to the umbrella and then ends up on the floor when we find shelter. Lolli-Simone eliminates dripping after a storm and comes in a variety of fun colors. The lightweight umbrella has a hard case that, when removed, attaches to the handle so that it doesn’t get lost. Once out of the wet and cold, the umbrella folds and rolls up back into the hard case which is contained so there’s no dripping. Cases get lost all the time and wet floors are a big problem during the rain, so Lolli-Simone fixes two common problems in a clever way for the rare group of umbrella early adopters. Lolli-Simone will cost backers $35 with a campaign goal of $10,000 on Kickstarter.

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SpekPack is a one-bag solution for outdoor events

SpekPackWhen going to a fun event outside, it’s always necessary to bring along extra equipment to make yourself more comfortable. Hauling all of this stuff can be a huge pain, though. SpekPack has room for pretty much anything. This giant pack features a cooler, wheels, tripod legs, and a compartment for chairs, golf clubs and umbrellas. The fully loaded version comes with two chairs and an umbrella for shading the sun. While this bag seems quite versatile, it seems like it’d be quite heavy to carry when fully packed. One SpekPack costs backers $199 for delivery in February 2015. SpekPack is look to raise $12,000 in 45 days on Kickstarter.


Neso Tent puts shade on the beach in reach

Neso TentToo much sun on the beach can have some seriously harmful consequences and beach umbrellas aren’t always the best option for avoiding burns. Neso Tents offer an easy solution to this problem. These portable shelters are stakeless and lightweight making assembly quick and easy. They use sandbags for weight and come in a ton of different hues. Early-birds can avoid over-sunning themselves for $49 with an estimated delivery date of June 2014. These tents, while well designed, still run very high in terms of pricing compared to similar products on the market. Neso hopes to raise $12,000 in its 45-day Kickstarter campaign.


Morella makes umbrellas into multitasking wonders

MorellaIf rainy days and Mondays get you down because it complicates bringing your java on the road, Morella has a solution that will likely make you chuckle with delight: cup holders for your umbrella. Each cup holder has a custom designed clamp that fits any umbrella, high-griped material for increased stability, and a specialized pivot system to keep drinks upright. By the way, when it stops raining, your folded umbrella can still multitask, functioning as a drink stand. Morella appears to be a one-of-a-kind creation for drinkin’ in the rain. For £10 backers can get their very own Morella umbrella transforming cup holder, with an estimated delivery of June 2014.