Aquatics Sports

Ride breaking waves like never before with the Uncommon ultra-portable surfboard

Staying connected to the swells of the ocean is the goal of surfers around the world. However, lugging around the huge surfboards that make it possible can be a complete drag. Having to transport fragile surfboards through airports or trying to stuff them into cars makes every trip an awkward one. Although bodyboards exist to mitigate that issue, the surfboard is the most popular method of experiencing the breaking waves, and the most lucrative one at that.

Surfer Michael Grau presents another, much lighter and smaller alternative in the Uncommon Surfboard. Billed as the world’s most portable surfboard, this 350 gram board is small enough to fit inside a average-sized suit case; a miracle considering how big even some bodyboards can be. And those who use it won’t need to worry about wipeouts as much being that there’s less for the wave to grab onto.

The Uncommon is looking to become an alternative to what’s already available and its impressive size and weight will help it get there given enough backing. The Uncommon Surfboard currently goes for $225 AUD (~$184 USD) to be shipped in May 2015. The campaign is looking for $2,000 AUD (~$1,650 USD) on Kickstarter.


Bungalow Beach Chair goes for that hammock feel, integrates towel and sun shade

Lounging at the beach is easily one of the most relaxing activities that summer has to offer. Unfortunately, lugging all the stuff you need to do so is one of the least relaxing activities. Muling this stuff to the beach also has the added perk of having to walk across sand to get to your spot.

The Bungalow Beach Chair hopes to make all of this easier by combining a few essential beach items in one. This takes a beach chair, towel, and shade and puts them all in an attached carrying bag for an easier time. The chair is designed with metal framing and the towel provides support for your body. According to the creators, sitting in the chair is much like sitting in a hammock, with your upper body suspended and your bottom and legs resting on the ground.

While the idea of an all-in-one beach chair is certainly useful, it’s a little annoying to have to either sit on your towel wet, or stand up while drying yourself off. Most beach goers will probably opt to take an extra towel with them if they plan to get wet. In addition, Bungalow could add some pockets to their product to store things like books, phones and sunscreen. Still, this is a convenient idea and the added perk of shade makes it stand apart from similar products. One will cost backers $60 for estimated delivery in March 2015. Bungalow Beach Chair hopes to raise $6,000 on Kickstarter.

Camping Food and Beverage

Rover remote control cooler delivers cold ones on your command

We’re all lazy. Most of us are only motivated to get up by the urge to use the bathroom or hunger. Rover caters to this type of attitude. This remote-controlled cooler has wheels that can travel on most types of terrain, including sand. Shaped like a little jeep, this cooler can hold up to 60 cans and has LED lights for use in the dark. It also has several cup holders making it useful as a table as well. Get the Rover with MLB or NFL sports decal, your favorite college’s logo or with no logo at all. A special offer letting you purchase Rover with your own logo is in the works.

Due to the unfortunate above-mentioned lazy nature of the human race, Rover makes a great addition to any camping party, picnic or beach outing. The remote is a little clunky, but that only makes it difficult to lose. If the remote does happen to get lost, Rover users will have to actually get up, tragically. In terms of convenience, Rover ups the ante from the Kreweser Cooler that lets you ride a cooler around. Rover is better for getting drinks around to lots of people, though it won’t tote you around too. One will cost backers $249 with estimated delivery in December 2014. Rover is looking to raise $45,000 on Kickstarter.


Coolcabana covers multiple terrains so you have it made in the shade

The Premise. Outdoor activities are always hankered by the sunlight. While sunny days are desirable, too much vitamin D can result in burns and headaches. Most opt for expensive tents or flimsy umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun, but neither of these options are ideal.

The Product. CoolCabanas is a foldable tent perfect for the outdoors. It’s a simple, four-legged design with white material to reflect the sunlight and a pole in the middle. With a bag for carrying around, the tent folds up easily for maximum portability. Its versatile design makes it perfect for using on the sand or grass.

The Pitch. CoolCabanas’s campaign video shows the product being assembled and disassembled easily. In addition, the video explains that CoolCabanas has already had a successful Kickstarter campaign. The product’s creator says that he’d really like backers to make a pledge and couldn’t be more straightforward on that point. This Australian product is hoping to raise $2,560 AUD on Kickstarter for success.

The Perks. Early backers will receive the CoolCabanas for $99 AUD with a regular price of $109 AUD. Higher tiers offer multiple packs of the product up to 8 for $699 AUD. Estimated delivery is set for December 2014, perfect for Aussies enjoying the summer, but not quite so for Americans stuck in the winter.

The Potential. CoolCabanas doesn’t necessarily do anything new with the notion of an outdoor tent. Its assembly looks easy enough and it has pockets for phones, wallets, and other accessories. We’ve seen other tents for the beach, such as the Neso Tent, which boast stability as well. It would be great if CoolCabanas could tilt so that it’s not just useful for shade around noontime. Still, it has a simple design and CoolCabanas is versatile in terms of where it can be used. All in all, not a bad option for someone looking for this time of outdoor accoutrement.


Beach Walker Sand Crab offers day at beach to mobility-challenged

Beach Walker Sand CrabThere is something relaxing and sometimes even healing about sitting and listening to a babbling brook or watching the sun dance on the waves of a lake or ocean. But with lakes and oceans come sand, so the disabled are often left out. Such was the focus of the creator of Beach Walker Sand Crab. The large wheeled motorized scooter makes enjoying the beach accessible to them. The only drawback to this is that it seems that it would cost a small fortune to produce this product. But for backers who want to make it happen, there are multiple opportunities to pledge toward this, with small thank you gifts expected to be delivered in December 2014.

Aquatics Safety

Send sharks scurrying with the Sharkstopper


In places like South Africa, Mexico, and Hawaii, the pleasant experience of basking in the sun and surf is made unpleasant by the fear of shark attacks. The Sharkstopper wants to ensure open-water safety with an acoustically-based ankle device that repels sharks with the cries of their natural predator, the killer whale. The company eventually aims to market this technology to the commercial fishing industry to prevent the unnecessary deaths of sharks attracted by the big catches made by fishing rigs. For now, beach bums can protect themselves with their own in January 2015 for a cool $225, with the project’s creator looking to raise $48,000 by the end of the campaign.

Health and Wellness

ShadyFace provides portable sun shielding

The Premise. When out in the sun, it can be hard to achieve the level of shade needed to read, look at your phone or cool down. Umbrellas are great for several people, but can be large and blow away in the wind. Most opt to use towels or shirts to get the sun off of their faces, but this doesn’t let them do much else.

The Product. ShadyFace is personal shading device that lets you enjoy the sun without squinting too much or getting burned (for at least part of your body). Made out of canvas and aluminum, it is lightweight enough to be portable and swivels so that it can be moved based on the sun’s position. ShadyFace consists of a stand that can rest on the sand, a beach chair or even on a boat. The top part protrudes out to cover the top part of your body when lying down in the sun. It has pockets on the inside as well to hold all of the accessories you may need while sunbathing.

The Pitch. The campaign’s very long video details the product’s inception, prototyping process, features as well as lots of pictures of those without the ShadyFace who would have better luck if they used the ShadyFace. A dermatologist even makes a cameo to testify to the healthful benefits of staying out of direct sunlight, with sunscreen of course, he says. ShadyFace hopes to raise $38,000 in its 30-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. Backers looking to cool their face will have to fork over a cool $139 for one ShadyFace, which includes its own carrying case to ease transport. Higher tiers also offer the ShadyFace Bluetooth speaker which blasts music inside of the ShadyFace space. All tiers have an estimated delivery date of July 2014.

The Potential. ShadyFace won’t provide complete sun protection for your body, but it is definitely useful for those wanting to enjoy easier reading or more comfort in a sunny spot . It seems to work well for using a tablet with a lounge chair in a fully-reclined position or using a laptop if one is lying face down, but isn’t quite tall enough to handle laptop use sitting upright in a lounge chair

ShadyFace’s best features are its portability and ease of use; it likely represents the most shade one can provide in a carryable product. It seems a bit much for an everyday commute to a pool club, but could justify its space in the luggage for a tropical location. In any case, the product is definitely easy to adjust, which may help its success in the summertime accessory market. ShadyFace could be a helper in the battle against the burn in summer 2014.


ZEM Shoes blends beach-friendly comfort with colorful style

ZEM ShoesWhether one wants to run like the wind, ride the waves like a fish or just play in the sand with the kids, Zem Shoes has your feet covered for these and other feats. The Zone of Endless Motion athletic shoes include multiple options to suit ll kinds of moods — fitness, wellness, water sports, fashion or just an active lifestyle are all complimented by comfort and flexibility. For $39, backers get one pair of ZEM Shoes with an expected delivery of July 2014.

Luggage and Bags Travel

Beach Vault screws into the sand to keep your phone, valuables safe and dry

beachvaultAs winter finally releases the country from its icy grip, the season of beach weather is fast approaching. While a day in the sun, sand, and surf is always relaxing, keeping an eye on wallets, phones, and other property is a constant stress. The Beach Vault is a simple capsule that is easy to bury in the sand and cover up with a towel to keep personal belongings safe and out of sight. With a rubber O-ring, the Beach Vault is waterproof in case of rising tides, and the drill design makes it just as easy to remove. The Beach Vault, inflatable cushion, and special beach towel designed for easy access can all be had for $30, arriving just in time in June.


Neso Tent puts shade on the beach in reach

Neso TentToo much sun on the beach can have some seriously harmful consequences and beach umbrellas aren’t always the best option for avoiding burns. Neso Tents offer an easy solution to this problem. These portable shelters are stakeless and lightweight making assembly quick and easy. They use sandbags for weight and come in a ton of different hues. Early-birds can avoid over-sunning themselves for $49 with an estimated delivery date of June 2014. These tents, while well designed, still run very high in terms of pricing compared to similar products on the market. Neso hopes to raise $12,000 in its 45-day Kickstarter campaign.