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The Modobag carry-on won’t ride into the sunset

The last time Backerjack covered the Modobag, a numerous luggage-turned-transportation projects had already failed before the team behind the Modobag LLC went out to attempt raising $160,000 in 2015. Unfortunately, that Kickstarter ended up being a dud, raising just $21,000 of its original goal.

Modobag LLC is back at it again with its Modobag rideable carry-on luggage, this time opting to focus its crowdfunding efforts on a flexible Indiegogo campaign instead. Despite the lukewarm reception the last time around, the product is receiving a much warmer welcome this time. That’s not surprising: At its core, the Modobag is a compelling offering, which is why it’s still pretty much the same bag the team offered last year. It still combines a roomy 2000 cubic inches of interior space with a motor within that can achieve a top speed of eight miles hours per hour with a range of about six miles. (This isn’t Fast and Furious, folks.)

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MODOBAG luggage/scooter combo gets you to your gate in a jiffy

Packing light is the cardinal rule when flying, but sometimes that can’t happen. Occasionally, it’s necessary to pack a lot more. In these situations, it just isn’t fun wading through the airport masses with a carry-on and multiple bags to check in.

The MODOBAG attempts to alleviate the situation by providing weighed-down travelers with the option of hopping on and taking it for a ride. The carry-on/scooter combo features a fully motorized 2000 cubic inches of space within a lightweight aluminum chassis weighing in at under 20 pounds that travelers can use to cruise around at a top speed of eight miles per hour, enjoying steady control with a precise steering column.

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GoBag gives clothes a squeeze to dodge luggage fees

Check or carry-on? With added charges and overages, more passengers are squeezing everything they can into those overhead bins.

The GoBag is a versatile bag designed with the journey in mind. The “Works” package includes the Max Pack Bag to pack clothes and other soft items. Then, by hand or vacuum, the bag compresses down for more carry-on space. There’s also an adaptable harness for a laptop, so it’s protected and easy to grab at security. The GoBag also features a clear “washbag” that detaches and slides right into the airport bins. The creators of the product ask $180 for “The Works”, and they are hoping to raise $70,392 by June 24th, 2015, with expected delivery in Oct 2015.

The GoBag brings the concept behind the long-available Space Bag to luggage. This rugged carry-on features zippers all around, so everything is easy to access on the go. Of course, if you need to pack things other than clothes that are easily compressible, it may have limited value.

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Bluesmart connected luggage offers remote locking, weighing

The concept of luggage for all the travel we do hasn’t really enjoyed a major upgrade for the 21st century. With the idea that everything we own shouldn’t just fulfill one need but instead address every concern by utilizing technology, a piece of luggage that serves as just a bag is, frankly, very dated. The Bluesmart connected carry-on is a refreshing new take on what luggage can be and is a step in the right direction on the process of streamlining travel itself.

Bluesmart Technologies has created their product with a Bluetooth antenna that connects it to an iOS or Android smartphone, with smartwatch integration coming soon. With Bluesmart, gone are the days you pay extra fees for overweight luggage with its built-in digital scale. Locks and keys are no longer necessary to protect our valuables, either — it does so itself with an option to either automatically lock when you aren’t near using a proximity sensor, or remotely lock and unlock the carry-on with a companion app. The dread that comes along with losing luggage is also addressed with GPS, allowing you track to track the bag wherever it is in the world.

Easy access to electronics comes in the form of a compartment at the front of the carry-on where you can also charge up to two devices at once, ensuring you’ll breeze through security. All this is housed in a three layer polycarbonate construction that sports waterproof zippers to protect all this coolness. At the moment, the only option for a Bluesmart is a personalized version with custom engraving for $295, about $200 off the final retail price with delivery in August 2015. The campaign has absolutely demolished its funding goal of $50,000.

The Bluesmart is a solid, well-thought piece of technology. It eliminates some of the many hassles of traveling and finally gives some power back to the traveler. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also pretty stylish, although looks can’t hide the obvious privacy concerns something like this presents. Convenience and a sheer cool factor will probably win at the end of the day, though.

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Top Loader luggage opens wide for your reach inside

TopEver needed to add some last minute items to your luggage when traveling? The Top Loader spinner suitcase has a zippered section accessible from the top, allowing people to add or remove items from their suitcase without having to lay it down on the ground. Last-minute packing is another huge advantage to this product for backers with time-management issues. Currently, only a carry-on size is available for purchase. This clever hamper on wheels comes in either black or silver and goes for $70 on Indiegogo with an estimated delivery date of August 2014. Top hopes to raise $27,500 in a 30-day campaign.