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The Modobag carry-on won’t ride into the sunset

The last time Backerjack covered the Modobag, a numerous luggage-turned-transportation projects had already failed before the team behind the Modobag LLC went out to attempt raising $160,000 in 2015. Unfortunately, that Kickstarter ended up being a dud, raising just $21,000 of its original goal.

Modobag LLC is back at it again with its Modobag rideable carry-on luggage, this time opting to focus its crowdfunding efforts on a flexible Indiegogo campaign instead. Despite the lukewarm reception the last time around, the product is receiving a much warmer welcome this time. That’s not surprising: At its core, the Modobag is a compelling offering, which is why it’s still pretty much the same bag the team offered last year. It still combines a roomy 2000 cubic inches of interior space with a motor within that can achieve a top speed of eight miles hours per hour with a range of about six miles. (This isn’t Fast and Furious, folks.)

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Pack, sit, or ride the eFOLDi 3-in-1 scooter

One thing most people take for granted is how mobile they truly are. For some, usually the disabled or the elderly, lack of mobility is a problem they are forced to deal with every single day.

The eFOLDi three-in-one scooter not only aids those in need of mobility support, but anyone at all seeking a way to get around just a little easier. The 42lb. aluminum scooter is able to fold up into both a suitcase and a chair for maximum versatility wherever one may find themselves. The eFOLDi in scooter mode features a four four point balancing system, a battery that gets 14 miles per charge, and a motor that can reach a top speed of 12.5mph — all with a maximum load weight of 220 lbs.

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MODOBAG luggage/scooter combo gets you to your gate in a jiffy

Packing light is the cardinal rule when flying, but sometimes that can’t happen. Occasionally, it’s necessary to pack a lot more. In these situations, it just isn’t fun wading through the airport masses with a carry-on and multiple bags to check in.

The MODOBAG attempts to alleviate the situation by providing weighed-down travelers with the option of hopping on and taking it for a ride. The carry-on/scooter combo features a fully motorized 2000 cubic inches of space within a lightweight aluminum chassis weighing in at under 20 pounds that travelers can use to cruise around at a top speed of eight miles per hour, enjoying steady control with a precise steering column.