Personal Transportation

Grandma can burn rubber with the Liberty Electric Scooter

One of the biggest challenges for generally immobile seniors is a short list of choices. For the most part, bicycles can be dangerous and mobility scooters leave them stationary even while going places. Unfortunately, the scooter—the most widely available and accepted option—is heavy, cumbersome, and robs seniors of the opportunity to be active, a problem that leads to so many others.

Electric Bike Technologies has a noble aim: give seniors their sense of freedom back so they can go anywhere and do anything they’d like. To do so, they’ve created the Liberty Electric Tricycle. It combines an electric motor with a sturdy and compact American-made frame for an alternative mobility solution emphasizing activity over stagnation.

Luggage and Bags Personal Transportation

MODOBAG luggage/scooter combo gets you to your gate in a jiffy

Packing light is the cardinal rule when flying, but sometimes that can’t happen. Occasionally, it’s necessary to pack a lot more. In these situations, it just isn’t fun wading through the airport masses with a carry-on and multiple bags to check in.

The MODOBAG attempts to alleviate the situation by providing weighed-down travelers with the option of hopping on and taking it for a ride. The carry-on/scooter combo features a fully motorized 2000 cubic inches of space within a lightweight aluminum chassis weighing in at under 20 pounds that travelers can use to cruise around at a top speed of eight miles per hour, enjoying steady control with a precise steering column.

Home Technology

Multi-Surface Cleaning Robot wants to clean glass and take names

multisurfacecleaningrobotRoombas are great, but what if they could climb walls and ceilings, leading to unexpected and horrifying jump scares like those found in any good horror movie? The Multi-Surface Cleaning Robot is a robotic cleaner that can cling to any window or mirror and clean thanks to a vacuum motor that keeps the device from falling, even if it runs out of battery life. A safety rope also assures owners they won’t have to risk their necks trying to attach and detach it. While Multi-Surface Cleaning Robot sounds useful, the amount of time saved compared to manual washing probably isn’t enough to say “Multi-Surface Cleaning Robot.” Die-hard robot enthusiasts can clean one less thing by hand by picking one up for $199 in August 2015.