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Grandma can burn rubber with the Liberty Electric Scooter

One of the biggest challenges for generally immobile seniors is a short list of choices. For the most part, bicycles can be dangerous and mobility scooters leave them stationary even while going places. Unfortunately, the scooter—the most widely available and accepted option—is heavy, cumbersome, and robs seniors of the opportunity to be active, a problem that leads to so many others.

Electric Bike Technologies has a noble aim: give seniors their sense of freedom back so they can go anywhere and do anything they’d like. To do so, they’ve created the Liberty Electric Tricycle. It combines an electric motor with a sturdy and compact American-made frame for an alternative mobility solution emphasizing activity over stagnation.

The Liberty Eelctric Tricycle has a top speed of 11.5mph powered by a lithium-ion battery that gets anywhere between 10 to 24 miles per three hour charge. Five varying level of electric assist can be toggled to offer users the choice to exercise as much or as little as possible, important since it can carry 300 lb. loads uphill. If necessary, a speed limited reverse function is also available. $1,299 gets backers a Liberty Electric Tricycle with an expected ship date of April 2016. The Kickstarter campaign is looking for $10,000 by December 11th, 2015.

While there is a large variety of tricycle-styled mobility solutions, none of them are directly aimed at seniors. The Liberty Electric Tricycle’s smart design allows for a 360° turning radius and a compact body that gets it through most doors, lets it navigate different building styles, and get back out again. Versatile, indeed, all while returning a sense of agency back to them. Noble, indeed.


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