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TrackR atlas pinpoints your last items in any room of the house

The bedrock of crowdfunding platforms, tracking devices, continues to be peddled on each of them, wth newer versions on the same idea every year. Campaign creators have stuck Bluetooth antennas into small plastic shells and created connected devices solely for the purpose of finding objects since day, and there’s no end. Apparently, everyone is pretty terrible about keeping an eye on their things.

The TrackR atlas‘ forte is in the home, using a network of Bluetooth connected, plug-in devices called atlas’ together to map every room. By attaching slim, metallic tags called TrackR Bravos embedded with Bluetooth technology to important objects, the TrackR atlas system unifies other, more simplistic tracking solutions—partly because it also works with those other third-party solutions, too. With the companion or iOS app, users can simply ask where something is and receive a room-specific answer, ring lost items remotely, and receive push notifications when objects enter or leave the room to always stay on top of things.

In addition, TrackR atlas users can help each other locate lost objects by leveraging the platform’s crowdtracking capabilities, something introduced by the company the first time around. A single TrackR atlas is $39 and is expected in June 2016, with successive tiers offering more devices based on the amount of rooms in the home or office. $50,000 by December 17th, 2015 gets this campaign off the ground and into backers’ homes.

The TrackR atlas expands on the original’s normal lost-and-found functioning by making it more powerful in home. Other than that, this product is pretty much the same as all other tracking solutions like The Tile and Bringrr besides the addition of room-specific answers—even then, it isn’t revolutionary differentiator. Yet, this and every other Bluetooth tracker campaign after it will no doubt experience a tremendous amount of success. Apparently, we really are terrible about keeping track of things.

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