Luggage and Bags

College students rejoice as Urban Rucksack marries laundry bag and backpack

College students and young professionals don’t always have the luxury of laundry facilities in their own homes. Oftentimes, they have to lug their dirty clothes to shoddy laundromats or home to mom and dad. Urban Rucksack was designed to be the ultimate laundry caddy, eschewing the traditional basket or hamper format. With pockets for detergent and fabric softeners, Urban Rucksack can hold up to three loads of laundry. The bag can be held on your back or horizontally like a briefcase. To get hands, or backs, on this product, backers can donate $49 for estimated delivery in January 2015. Urban Rucksack hopes to raise $3,500 with the help of Kickstarter.

The normal hamper/laundry bag design is certainly flawed. Either they come with flimsy handles or must be carried like sacks by the drawstring. Urban Rucksack takes the simple need and fills it with a well thought out solution.

Food and Beverage

Bong Along funnels party imbibing into a collapsible Frisbee of a drinking aid

Bong Along  c3703da5cdc1bcbc0d5590195ef40476_large[1]What’s a college party in a frat house without a beer bong? And leave it to the party crowd to find a way to make it, um, more effective – hence—Bong Along. Armed with the slightly off-balance argument that your standard beer bong ought to be collapsible, dishwasher-ready and more easily storable (perhaps so it can be better hidden from those in authority) a mind-boggling six years went into “improving” on a college tradition of quaffing and staggering to create a product with those exact additions, plus better control of beer flow. For $30 backers get a complete product with an expected delivery of June 2014. What a unique gift this would make.