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Bong Along funnels party imbibing into a collapsible Frisbee of a drinking aid

Bong Along  c3703da5cdc1bcbc0d5590195ef40476_large[1]What’s a college party in a frat house without a beer bong? And leave it to the party crowd to find a way to make it, um, more effective – hence—Bong Along. Armed with the slightly off-balance argument that your standard beer bong ought to be collapsible, dishwasher-ready and more easily storable (perhaps so it can be better hidden from those in authority) a mind-boggling six years went into “improving” on a college tradition of quaffing and staggering to create a product with those exact additions, plus better control of beer flow. For $30 backers get a complete product with an expected delivery of June 2014. What a unique gift this would make.

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