Back to the Backers: Mükava ergonomic table

Backerjack covered the ergonomic table, Mükava, back in September. Although it was unsuccessful in reaching its goal on Kickstarter, the brains behind Mükava, Tom Keenan, decided to try another tactic. He set up a campaign on Indiegogo with a low goal, 1% of his original $50,000 campaign. Asking backers for only $500, Keenan found success on Indiegogo. Now, he’s moved back to Kickstarter with the same small goal.

Mükava is an ergonomic table aimed at making reading books, tablets, phones, magazines or whatever else easier. The table has an adjustable angle and height, making it easier to read in bed or wherever else. Devices stick to the surface made of a special material and it comes equipped with book holders for this old-fashioned medium. In addition, Mükava has USB ports for charging, an LED light and even Document Pebbles to attach documents.

Mükava is versatile to be sure, but looks a little bit like it belongs in a hospital. Still, its many uses span both the home and office. Keenan hasn’t changed the table at all since the original campaign. Backers can have their very own for a $225 donation for estimated delivery in April 2015. It’s clear that backers like this product because they’re still ordering it and if Keenan can keep those goals low, he’s certain to have success for Mükava. Don’t give up, Keenan!

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