Capo Clips make open strings ring without the hassle of tuning

One of the more difficult things to work around when chording on a guitar is those open strings. Excluding them makes for less dissonance, but it also thins the sound. Capo Clips allows the musician to cheat and use open strings for a fuller chord sound without having to retune their guitar.  The product is an alternative type of capo that clips directly over the fret (as opposed to in between) and spans two or more in spacing to create a more melodic and fuller sound. A Capo Clip is also capable of giving the guitar a more full sound even when no chord is being played, depending on which Capo Clip is being used and the placement choice on the guitar neck. The moveable rubber fretters allow for many different chords from each Capo Clip.

While the product is touted as suitable for anyone from beginner to pro, beginners may want to focus more on learning chords and proper technique than on finding ways to cheat. This campaign seeks to raise $2,500 on Kickstarter. Backers get one Capo Clip for $7 with an expected delivery in January 2015.

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